Canadian SAAB Owner’s Convention- Toronto, Canada- June 28 & 29, 2014

Hello from Toronto, Canada!

We are all so excited about the first ever Canadian SAAB Owner’s Convention happening this weekend.

More information can be found at

I packed up my car for the trip…..proudly displaying my saabsunited license plate.
photo 1 (4)

Just arrived at the host hotel, the Westin Bristol Place.

Nice to see the presenting sponsor, SAAB Parts North America setting up their tent.

Glad to have SAAB of London/Ultimate Automobiles as a sponsor. They have brought several cars to the convention…love the custom Canadian convention logo on the hoods of their cars.
SAAB London

Owner’s and enthusiasts are starting to arrive for the convention tomorrow. A big thank you to all of our sponsors and to Peter Backstrom from the SAAB Museum. He will be flying in on Sunday to conduct a seminar and will be a speaker at the banquet gala.

SAAB Parking

Antique SAAB

NG 9-5

Even though SAAB is going through some uncertain times with many challenges ahead, owner’s in Canada and the U.S. still have a soft spot for a brand that defies logic. The SAAB Spirit is alive and well in North America! Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!



Co-Event Coordinator

10 thoughts on “Canadian SAAB Owner’s Convention- Toronto, Canada- June 28 & 29, 2014”

    • Yes, the NG9-5 is a stunning car in person. There are several at the convention today. Great attendance for the first Canadian SAAB Convention. More pictures to come afterwards…..

    • Thank you for the support from SAAB Club North America and Nines Magazine. Our attendees really enjoyed reading the latest and previous issues of Nines Magazine that were brought from the United States.

  1. I could use a few of those “SAAB Parking Only” signs for use in areas where parking spaces are at a premium.

    • Hello,
      If you are at the Canadian convention currently, I have one SAAB Parking sign left that I can give you…..

      • Too late to make the trip, but thanks. I registered at a SAAB event last summer and the large number of SAABs on display dating from bull nose to Spyker models was far beyond what I expected. I hope your event had the same.success.

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