Introduction of Saab Club Belgium

Saab Club BelgiumSaab Club Belgium (

Proudly we present hereby the Saab Club Belgium to you.

We do have a bit more than 200 members.

Saab cars from the Saab 92 to the Saab 9-5 NG and nearly all models in between.

Events are regularly organized as there are; rally’s , one in spring and one in autumn, one Saab weekend, chat evenings, technical days etc.

While we are close to the Netherlands we do have members who are also member of the Dutch Saab Club and vice versa.

Our intention is to keep you all, at SaabsUnited, informed about our activities which are nice to be shared with such a large group.

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David Dallimore

We went to the International you organised back in 2012. Probably the best event we have ever attended and we liked Belguim so much we went back last year for a holiday and trip to Spa for the Classic 6 hours – we planned on meeting Etienne there, but once again our paths didn’t cross!

Happy SAABing

David Dallimore

Thanks I may well take you up on that.
For anyone considering a holiday, Belgium is a great country to visit.
Here is a link to a short missive on our trip:

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