Neo Brothers – 96SS MkII…The 96cc??

With the transition from old warehouse to new out of the way and recent closure of the last phase of the build, we’ve had a chance to take a small break, regroup and get back to selling Saab Parts. In the meantime, this left Nick and Andy unoccupied and they found themselves doodling…Here’s a sneaky picture of Nick’s desk…Image

So the question is, who’s got a suitable donor for the next project?…Engine and running gear not required!!

Neo Brothers


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My daughter who is 18 and now uses by Vert (with a black box fitted) saw the 96 at a recent auto show when we went to find her a Figaro and really liked the Saab. I was mulling over finding a project car and considered that the new 1.0 Ford Ecoboost ‘Red’ would be a good choice, 140bhp and little weight would be a good for everyday use. I think she’ll end up with a Figaro but I can dream.


PLEASE don’t kill a bullnose. It was bad enough with the V4….


Looks like the nose will be preserved.

Angelo V.

Nose will be preserved but it looks like the rear will be transformed from Saab perfection to a wannabe Audi TT.


Saab Karmann Ghia?


As long as it’s kept clean, without huge, modern rims etc. I think it’s quite a cool mod.

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