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Thank you. I was beginning to think Saabs were perfect with no recalls. Good to know GM is covering recalls for this period.


Is GM covering recalls for Spyker SAABs (post 2009)?


I have a 2008 Aero convertible… need to find a dealer who will service this recall in Southern California (Ventura County).


Is this US/LHD only or are UK cars included ?


I have read this recall is limited to the SCNA cars. Is it extended to european Saab cars? I did not read that. Thanks for the tip


I think this will be only SCNA cars. I highly doubt any other markets will get the support of GM. Same with 9-3 coil springs.

One of the many reasons I suspect this is surely between MY04 & MY11 more than 28,789 CV’s were made?


GM is probably wishing they never unloaded their little jewel Swedish brand. In recent news, all 2010-2014 Camaro’s are being recalled because a knee “could” hit the key and flip the ignition into the AUX position…Chevy should have adopted Saab’s key location!

No 9

I had the exact same thought although I must admit my loved one’s purse once hit the ignition of our 9-5 causing a surprising black out while I was at the wheel! I am still an ardent defender of the switch between the seats as fastening your seat belt before you start the engine brings your hand to the ignition in a natural way. I guess push button starters will get more popular after this. Another case of going back in time. Early cars had push button starters, some on the floor in fact.


They are covering the Spyker-era Saab 9-3 Cabriolets. Here is the wording from their press relaease: “28,789 Saab 9-3 convertibles from the 2004-2011 model years for an automatic tensioning system cable in the driver’s side front seat belt retractor that could break. If the cable were to break, seat belt webbing spooled out by the driver would not retract. The convertibles and sedans were investigated at the same time, but the convertible parts were not identical to the sedan parts. GM has since learned of customer complaints to the NHTSA for the convertibles. Dealers will replace the driver’s side retractor… Read more »

Angelo V.

I’m surprised they’re covering cars that were not sold by GM.

BMW Rider

As Angelo says surprising they would cover the non GM era cars, maybe don’t want anymore bad press. I have an ’08 convertible but my usual Saab OSC isn’t a GM dealer. I wonder who we will have to take the cars to for the updated part.


The amazing thing is that even with all the bad press on the recalls, GM had one of their best sales years ever.

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