SOTW, 06.06.14, Custom 9-3 from Alex


I am an owner of a custom specialty car shop in Ontario. Long time Saab enthusiasm. I cant describe what it is about Saab that gets to me but when this car came into the shop I had to add it to my personal collection. I think my story is worth sharing

Attached is a link to the car how it started and how it sits today.

Emailed are the more current pictures of the car.

Everything is handmade and custom work. There is no jeopardy in quality. From the lights to the custom emblem J

Cheers Alex

All the pictures from the email can be found here

8 thoughts on “SOTW, 06.06.14, Custom 9-3 from Alex”

  1. Nice job! I almost bought one of these new but ended up with an SE vert instead. Funny, it seems like it wasn’t so long ago, this doesn’t seem like an old car to me, and a little hard to believe one would need such an extensive restoration but in fact it was a long time ago and I’m just getting old.

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