SOTW 96 in Blue

This weeks SOTW has been chosen by me and is a Saab on display at the Bristol Classic Show here in Somerset this weekend.

The owner, Andy Deans, came down from Fife in Scotland to take part. He has only owned the car for just under a year but loves it.

First registered in August 1978 and lived near Gothenburg until the V4 was imported into the UK.

Since Andy has owned her he has fitted a re-conditioned engine, fitted new carpets and re-upholstered the seats in leather.

If you happen to visit The Bath and West this weekend be sure to say hi.

A few extra pictures can be found on my flickr page


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I have seen now quite a few both 99 and 96 with matteblack surroundings around the lights and grille pieces. I think it looks awful and wonder is this done because it is hard to find the correct silver grey paint. I have had great success with Carrostabil 800+ silver heatpaint, gives a matte grey almost the original.


It could be argued that the black grill, although not kosher, helps integrate the rubber bumper.

Team Tidö
David Dallimore

I agree, it looks a lot more purposeful with the black grille.
The car is a credit to the owner and attracted much attention from visitors throughout the weekend.

David Dallimore

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