SOTW, Doug’s 400,000 mile 99



This is for the SOTW–my ’78 99 purchased new that year and still doing fine over 400,000 miles later.  After my dog remodeled the interior I was lucky to find a 99 Turbo as an organ donor, and transplanted the entire interior and wheels adding  “euro” front headlights obtained from the Swedish SAAB club.  Given the hatch, I’ve enjoyed camping in it in Mexico, Canada and all regions of the U.S. and hope that NEV produces a new version so that others can enjoy the fun.

Doug Peterson,
Salem OR

Thank you Doug for sharing. A larger picture can be found here

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Angelo V.

That’s an inspiring post. Thanks Doug.

Brian Hamilton

A lovely looking hatch. Nice profile, and a good story too. ‘Looks like it’s good for another 400,000.
I’m confident we’ll see a new hatch version in the coming years.


I love to hear stories like this when we live in such a ‘throw-away’ world. Congratulations, you have a true classic there.


Awesome Doug!
I live in Salem as well, haven’t seen you around. My 99 only has 137k on the clock but should have many more!
Hope to run into you around town some time.


Doug, this is a beautiful car.
Just do not put another dog in her anymore and so add another couple of thousand miles.


Great car. For years my family car growing up was a 99. It left our hands around 300k and stayed around town for many more years. Just goes to show that if you take care of it, things will last. In unrelated news I was driving through the back roads of North Central Florida over yesterday when I was passed by a series of classic cars with rally decals all over. Imagine my surprise when I was passed by a 96 on it…turns out its running in the Great American Race (its a 1969). There is a photo of it… Read more »

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