SOTW, Geralds long loved Viggen

Please find attached photos of my 1999 Viggen. I am the original owner and bought the car from the Saab Dealership 7th October 1999.

The Viggen has just turned 150k miles. It has extensive upgrades, except for a LSD. My opinion of the vehicle is probably one of the best that Saab ever produced. If it had included the present upgrades from the factory, then Saab would have had a real winner on it’s hands.

Gerald P. Goulish (USA)

Thank you for sharing Gerald, more photos can be found here


12 thoughts on “SOTW, Geralds long loved Viggen”

  1. Not a normal Saab-description, but that car looks ‘bad ass.’ You must have some great stories with it, having owned it from new. Have your driven it across the country? Have you nearly lost it on a roundabout? Did the cops get you for doing 150 mph in a 55 mph zone?! We must know!! Keep it up and long may the Viggen reign.

  2. What a great car! The tinted windows look really great. ‘Bet this blue one turns lots of heads. We have two SAAB’s, a 95 and a 3 door red coupe. Both have dark tinted windows. So glad we had them done.

  3. There have been numerous upgrades for the Viggen over the years. I have a PDF of the upgrades with the date & mileage but am unable to attach it. So here is a partial list starting with the ones that still exist. 22mm rear sway bar, Forge BO Valve w/green spring, SS Brake lines, Steering Rack Brace, Poly Bushings,6-Point Sub Frame Brace,
    3″ Downpipe & 3″ Custom Exhaust, ETS Intercooler, JZW Stage 4 Tune, 3.5 FPR, AmsOil Open Air Filter, Koni Adjustable Shocks & Struts & Michelin Pilot SS 225/45-17 ZR Tires.
    The Viggen holds the road like it is on rails. After owning it for 15 years it still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. Thank you for your comment, I plan on keeping it for as long as I can drive it.

    • I thought so. A real enthusiast driving a fabulous car. Lucky man! Love the color, love the seats and love the fact you have made a great car even better.

  4. This is a very touching story indeed. I’m onwing my 9-3’s since 2002 and feeling for them / taking car of them around the same way as we learned above. They say that even within the Saab circle the OG 9-3 lovers are a distinguished kind, they tend to forgive their cars’ flaws blindly because they are so strongly fond of them altogether. I might agree to some point, except our cars are truly near perfect, you just have to look at this Viggen, and maybe check its performance!

    As for the upgrades, which I am obsessively pursuing up to this day, on the photo gallery link posted I just spotted an interesting head lamp upgrade, never seen one carried out on this level of professionalism:
    <a href=";

    If anyone does have further info on this pls tell me. I'm definitely keen to have more details incl. if I can buy such thingies! Thanks!

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