What tools do you have in your car?

tronds_toolbagYesterday I was out for a spin in my M91 900 Turbo 16, and after I had driven a few kilometres I loose all the power in the middle of a sharp bend, while I was accelerating. My initial reaction was that something was wrong with the fuel supply, but after the road straighten out I realise this had to be a issue with the air supply. I was lucky and found a bus-stop in the middle of the countryside, and turned off to locate the fault. When I opened the hood, my idea about the air supply was absolute right, a hose from the intercooler to the throttle body had jumped off. A very quick fix if you have the right tool, but in a small second I got a little panic – in this car I don’t have a toolbox… This time it was false alarm, I was able to tighten the hose clamp with a flat screwdriver from the original tool kit.

I know – many of you guys in here drive newer cars as your daily driver, and have a big toolbox in the boot shouldn’t be necessary. As some of you know have I a M04 9-5 Aero as my daily driver, and like it or not – in this car I have a big toolbox in the boot. But isn’t very often I need some the tools for that car either, in the four years and 80’000km’s I’ve had it, it only has let me down three times;

  1. The fuel pump – after a attempt to change the pump outside my work (failed because I don’t had extra fuel hose – but I had a spare pump) I managed to get the pump working again, so I get home.
  2. On my way to the Oktoberfest 2012, when the crank sensor gave up. This happened appropriately enough when I was going to drive off a ferry, so two crew members had to push me off the boat… Luckily a crank sensor is a part of the “T7 rescue kit” (crank sensor, fuel pump and DI-unit πŸ˜‰ ) so after the engine had cooled down a bit I changed the sensor myself.
  3. The hose from the boost valve to the turbo compressor. The thin hose had gnawed on the V-band clamp that connect the turbo and king cobra pipe, and at a point it went off. This resulted that I had no power at all… This time it was enough to cut the hose and connect it again until I get home and was able to mount the V-band clamp properly.

So in total no big things, two well known T7-issues, and one issue caused by bad work from my sideΒ  – but some basic tools have saved me from tow-trucks and a lot of wasted time.

After slimming my toolbox down to my new tool-bag, I now have to a set of some wrenches, a monkey wrench, a big and a small flat screwdriver, some torx-bits, a hose clamp screwdriver with spiral blade, fuel-pump-tool, a cutting pier, a LED-torch, some cable ties + gaffa tape and at least some glows and rags for cleaning up stuff. And of course a box of scrubbing wipes for oil and other dirt.
So to sum this up, which basic tools do you think is nice to have in a small bag in the spare tire compartment? Or maybe you don’t have tools at all, and have the number for SAAB-assistance stored in your mobile phone?

And I almost forgot, on my way back home after visiting some friends I stopped and shoot some pics on my old 900.
Actually the time was around 00:45 when I shoot these pictures, and it’s still pretty much daylight outside where I live…

tronda_900_jun14 tronda_900_jun14_2 tronda_900_jun14_3

20 thoughts on “What tools do you have in your car?”

  1. We once had a black three-door M88 900i and seeing your pictures makes me long for another one. And this time a T16, like yours.
    Beautiful pictures, beautiful car. πŸ™‚

  2. While it doesn’t fit in my tool bag I carry a piece of plywood in my car in case I need to create a flat surface. Its also come in handy when stuck in sand, mud. My wife always gives me a hard time about it but when its needed she is happy its there (there is one in her car as well).

  3. Supplies for breakdowns can be heavy, bulky and dangerous if not properly stowed. Weight always decreases fuel efficiency and handling. I used to put together tool kits for trips but no longer bother.

  4. I prescribe to the theory that if I don’t carry any tools in the car I will never have cause to use them. Informative post and great pictures.

  5. My dreamcar in my favorite color combination, black with beige leather interior. And with the most beautiful alloy wheels for the 900I. And even the sunroof is installed. Great ! What e keeper…

  6. From when I started driving 60 years ago, I have always carried a basic toolkit (including a type of duct tape known as gas tape) and still do. The period through the late fifties, sixties and seventies is the era when cars generally had a reputation for being unreliable. I have to say, that wasn`t my experience. For example, I had a Hillman Hunter in which I covered 118,000 miles in two years and suffered one breakdown – a failed front wheel bearing at 82,000 miles. Not a job for small toolkit! With the exception of an Austin Maxi (terrible car), I suffered very few breakdowns, So was I just lucky or was it because, like you I look after my cars.
    And those pics are brilliant – and, like WM, the last on is great. Thanks for your post.

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