SOTW, Jerry taking The Wild Route in his 9-5

This weeks SOTW is from Jerry in Ireland.

Hello SU,
Please find attached photos of my 9-5.
We were the first car on the, just launched, “Wild Atlantic Way”.
I’ve also included some local shots in Cork and the 13th century Augustinian Ballybeg Abbey.
Most of the photo’s were taken on the Ring of Kerry here in Southern Ireland which is part of the Wild Atlantic Way, a 2400klm driving route on Irelands west coast, said to be the longest in the world.
What a place for a Saab Run!

Regards, Jerry.

You will find a few more pictures of this beautiful 9-5 on my flickr page.
Thank you for sharing.

32 thoughts on “SOTW, Jerry taking The Wild Route in his 9-5”

  1. Congrats, Jerry, for choosing such a beautiful car.
    I saw other pictures on the flickr page and enjoyed in each of one.
    Those gave inspiration for the photo sesssion of my 9-3 Sport Sedan Hirsch edition, MY 2010, which I`ll send to SU one day.
    I hope that I`ll see more pictures of your car in close future, too.

  2. Fabulous piece of design. This car remains a thing of beauty and ages so unbelievably…not. Great color. Great pics.

  3. Nice car and views.
    Anyone else feeling that this is really the end for Saab? No news, and saabsunited has become a site for vintage events and cars of the week………

  4. Victor Muller isn’t and never was a car company CEO…..But more importantly he never had, doesn’t nor will he ever have the money required to run a car company. Spyker (yes the company still exists) managed to scramble some dollars recently to make their latest concept Coupe. Admittedly a good looking car. Then about 6 months later, they actually chopped the roof off and resprayed the car and…voilà ! ..a convertible concept (seriously ?). And since he hasn’t got the money to build the car for his customers, he’s selling convertible bonds (and not convertible cars) to keep the company afloat. When they marture, you can convert the bond into a car, supposedly worth more than your initial investment, creating the yield. My,my,my, and this guy was going to run -and save- a global car manufacturer ? I don’t think so.

    • When Spyker owned SAAB, I recall VM describing himself as someone who raises money rather than an auto executive. Based on your comments he hasn’t changed his job title.

    • Even the real car guys pros screwed up SAAB. First there was the whole Baron von Koenigsegg farce. Followed up a little over a year ago when three former Saab Automobile executives, including former Chief Executive Officer Jan-Aake Jonsson and Chief Financial Officer Karl-Gustav Lindstroem, were arrested by Swedish prosecutors in an accounting-fraud probe. They were questioned on suspicion of “grave attempts to complicate tax controls” during 2010 and 2011, Olof Sahlgren, the Swedish Economic Crime Authority’s chief prosecutor at the time declined to give the names of the arrested. Howsomever Court documents filed in Vaenersborg indicated Jonsson, Lindstroem and Saab’s former general counsel Kristina Geers were detained. They were subsequently released after questioning. What an opera!

      • Jasper… That investigation seemed a bit amateurish to say the least. They still haven’t been charged with anything. AFAICT the whole thing turned out to be a technicality — one that had been cleared with the tax authorities in advance. You make it sound like they are hardened criminals, but that is hardly the reality, now is it?

        • I just reported the facts. Period.
          The “harden criminal” tag is from youand not me.
          Don’t put words in my mouth.

          • The way you portrayed it made it sound like the management team had done something wrong. As the case stands now, it rather looks like the prosecutors did something wrong.

            • Oh.
              Glad that is the case. Especially since I admired Jan-Aake Jonsson at the time he was in charge.

  5. So why the sour grapes? The moderators on this board have since the beginning, including the previous two owners, been very supportive of any ownership that would keep the factory open. Even the worst critics on this blog, in theory supported this position. What was the alternative? No Saab? Yes, I agree, a lot of the comments from the moderators of this blog, have suppressed any criticism by anyone, about any ownership of the Corporation. However, at the end the day, what else could they have done? The fact that Victor, was communicating with apparent Russian criminals blew right past them, and they refused to criticize it. But picking on Victor, or any one, at this late date is meaningless. All that matters is that somebody in India has to make a decision, or all is lost., And if so, Saab United, and all the other Saab boards around the world, will revert to nostalgia and reports about old car shows. That is a fate, most of us have been trying to avoid. And I believe that everyone who’s ever posted on this board, also would like to avoid,

    • Antonov is yet to be convicted of anything.

      Personally I do not care much about how any given person managed to get rich, but I do mind if they waste it all on booze, hookers and drugs. Given that Antonov’s investment would have saved thousands of jobs — no, I would not have minded that at all. Money well spent! If it were up to me, I would have awarded him a medal, and worried about the fallout later.

      But yeah, I am sure some leading swedish politicians could have faced some music in case Antonov was allowed part-ownership and subsequently ended up as a convict. This is how much I care about the career of those politicians: .

  6. It may be more than a SOTW thread considering that most of the responders spoke to other issues.

  7. For those who have not heard the last known NEVS position here is an extract from Wikipedia to enlighten you. I know most will be well aware but there may also be a lot who have not read this.

    Tuesday, May 20, 2014
    Status update from Nevs

    National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) is preparing an extensive investment to develop a new platform on the Phoenix architecture, which will be the base for future car models. This development will be done in cooperation with other global OEMs. These collaborations involve sharing cost of development and reduced costs of components through significantly higher volumes.

    NEVS has recently signed a frame agreement with a major international automotive OEM regarding the cooperation in product development of the future platform. A negotiation with another major automotive OEM is also taking place regarding part ownership. The objective is to add significant resources to the development of Saab as a global premium car brand name. The partnerships will contribute to secure NEVS with the right financial and technical support to develop new products and distribution of cars on a global basis.

    Even if the long term perspective of NEVS remains very exciting and promising it is a short term cash problem.

    The root cause of the current situation is that one of NEVS’ investors has not fulfilled their contractual obligation to finance the operations.

    As a consequence NEVS main owner National Modern energy Holdings Ltd. (NME) has since the beginning of the year decided to enter into the position as the sole financier of the company. Recently NME had to conclude that despite enormous efforts it has not been possible to capitalize its assets in China as fast as needed to support NEVS. This has resulted in a time lag between the financing from China and the need of cash to pay suppliers. As of today NME has transferred over 3 Billion SEK to NEVS and made additionally large investments in China, i.e. in the new battery factory and the technology development centre.

    It is important to state that the assets are significantly higher than the debt but Nevs is planning to use short term credits to cover all outstanding and near term obligations until the long term financing is secured. This is bridge solution is planned to be realized within a near future.

    To further support the situation financially and give NEVS time to align the strategy with the new OEM partners NEVS will also take short term measures to reduce cost. Among the measures to be taken are a short term stop of production, which today is six cars per day, and a reduction of hired consultants.

  8. I assume some censoring has taken place, the result being that it appears that Rune is engaged in an ongoing conversation with his alter ego.

  9. It’s really sad to see a SOTW high jacked for all this misery. What used to be a site full of joy and enthusiasm about all things Saab has deteriorated into a constant stream of bile and criticism. Have you all sold your Saabs and bought a Vauxhall. Or a Fiat. Or a bicycle? Is your Saab less of a joy to drive these days? Come on – if someone posts a nice SOTW, then celebrate it rather than descend into the slough of despond. Or people won’t bother posting nice pics any more. Rant over.

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