Sotw, nice pair of 9-3’s in Michigan.

Zoltan and Elena from Michigan send us a few pictures of their “Saabs United”

Hi Robin!

These are our “Saabs united”. The blue one was bought during SAAB’s bankruptcy and I thought that this is going to be our last SAAB ever. This was my third SAAB and I was quite sad and sentimental about the departure of our beloved brand. On the contrary I felt lucky that I was able to purchase one last brand new SAAB.  A few years later I came across an advertisement from the local Volvo dealer about a 2011 Sports Wagon. We always wanted to get a wagon but they are really hard to find in the USA now a days,  specially a recent model with low mileage. I have done all the improvements on the 2010 9-3 that I could think of…DRL’s ambient interior lights, tinted windows, nav, satellite radio, Bluetooth and more. So I thought the best thing I can do now is to save another SAAB and give the blue one a sibling.  So we headed down to the Volvo dealer and made a terrible deal on the silver wagon that indeed had low mileage but took on some abuse from the previous owner.


So our new project started. After a few months and thousands of  dollars spent and with the help of  JIM ELLIS SAAB, Atlanta GA, GOLDWING SAAB PARTS HASTINGS NY,  In Car Emporium, UK, Cart Toones INC, MI and specially Supermax Auto Collision, Wayne, MI we turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, restoring the wagon’s original glamor and beauty and adding some extras as well.

With SAAB’s uncertain future we believe in keeping SAABs on the road, they still turn heads and run smooth and by keeping them visible, we can constantly remind the world that the brand is still alive and there are many of us out there with our SAAB hearts beating strong. This means one thing: there is still a market out there for SAABs. This is our SAAB story in a nutshell and we call it SAABS UNITED
Zoltan and Elena Furtos
Saint Clair Shores, MI  USA

As always the pictures can be seen larger at Flickr
Also, my email changes at the end of the month to:
[email protected]

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Beautiful cars!!! =)


Thank you Tim! They are our babies:)

Chris Carrier

In what way was it a “terrible deal?”


Sorry, just got back from vacation….Well the car had 23.5 K miles, it needed body work and a the audio system was damaged. We paid $15.0 K US for it but we spent well over 4 K to restore it

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