Court Grants Reconstruction for NEVS

A few minutes ago the Vänersborg court decided that NEVS fulfills the requirements for reconstruction. So NEVS gets the time they apperantly need to finish their negotiations.

The PDF with the official statement from the court can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Court Grants Reconstruction for NEVS”

    • We will know when NEVS manages to ink those contracts with those two car companies. I don’t think that the decision from SAAB AB is definitive.

    • I’m sure they will be able to do so. SAAB AB has just withdrawn the agreement to use the Saab name, so that NEVS has to re-negotiate the terms, once again able to produce cars.



    According to the above link, looks like there is an ownership change proposed (Minandra at a guess) which probably what triggered the brand name withdrawal.
    It also says phoenix is being put into a subsiduary split by NEVS and another partner. Donfeng is the other name banded around so technically they have nothing to do with NEVS car manufacturer, which fits with their statment. Mihandra have a good working relationship with Saab AB, as Saab see the india defense and aero markets as important growth areas so I don’t think the name issue is completely dead and once we are back in calmer waters the name may be back once there are models to launch. Heres hoping for the best for all the staff at NEVS-Saab cars.

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