NEVS will show its EV-1 tomorrow in Trollhättan

NEVS is one of the Mainsponsors of the Alliansloppet, one of the biggest roller skis race in Scandinavia.
There will be race events from tomorrow till saturday.

According to and Sverigesradio P4 tomorrow NEVS will present the first electric SAAB car in the Hansenplatsen in Trollhättan. It seems like some of them do exist, maybe they were build before the production stop.

Don’t expect too much, as the car will look like the current 9-3, the changes are under the skin, where they have changed the underpinnings to put the battery without loosing cargo space.

22 thoughts on “NEVS will show its EV-1 tomorrow in Trollhättan”

  1. Whopiedo!
    Show something off that will never be produced to try and drum up some positive press six months to late. Sounds like a real game changer, good luck with that.

    On the less sarcastic note, yes they where four produced. I have given the license plates for these ones a couple of months ago in another comment. If my memory serves me right they where registered around June..

  2. Another way of looking at this news is that they wouldn’t bother with an event like this if something positive wasn’t in the pipeline given the state the company is in right now. It wouldn’t make sense for them to throw away money by putting this on show at this late stage if the company was going to close it’s doors and sell up. In my view they want to show what they can do and give the brand more awareness to the public and that’s a good thing. Ok so the EV-1 is unlikely to ever go on general sale but if the product is good, then just imagine what they can do with the Phoenix platform version.

    It shows they haven’t given up and I look forward to reading more about it in the days to come. I would like to wish them well and hope it’s a successful few days for them!

    • KT, I think that you might be right. This company has run out of cash. They’re being watched by the vultures. They’re letting employees go. Why in the world would they hold an event like this if there wasn’t something good right around the corner. But lest I forget that NEVS hasn’t made much sense heretofore, so who knows……

  3. EV-1, might be the light at the end of the tunnel. Nevs need to present what it has developed, so that it can turn the page for à new chapter in the extraordinary life of Saab.

  4. What about the lifetime of the batteries in EVs (in years or Km or cycles charge-discharge)? The batteries need to changed when they reach e.g. 50% efficiency?
    When the batteries are removed from the vehicle they are going to be recycled or used for other purposes, does anyone know. Whats is the current practice.

  5. Well despite the negativity, and without ignoring the fact they’re doing this a bit late and at an unusual event… I’m interested and excited to see what rolls out of Trollhattan. I hope NEVS will be able to show something that does generate a bit of interest from the POV of tech, and gives the (potential) investors something to think about. I still stand by the idea of Saab becoming an electric-only car company. It still makes sense to me from a brand-positioning perspective.

    Good luck guys.

  6. Not a bad gambit, if there are two real bidders out there, this may be for their benefit, not ours. And it wasn’t something impressive, why would they bother to show at this point? My guess is, whatever it is, it’s better than Nissan Leaf. Maybe twice the range?

  7. It’d be epic if they pulled a Hail Mary right now, showed off an electric car that gets 400 miles per charge and costs $40,000. I seriously massively doubt that, but something that insane would absolutely bring them back from beyond the grave. My guess is more realistically they want to show people (maybe even just us fans) that they have tried to do something before a) having to go bankrupt or b) passing on the torch. Either one is fine with me at this point.

  8. It is a big event, of course, and any major sponsor involved has been onboard for a while. I’d say Nevs made this commitment at a time when they hadn’t run into trouble yet. It is not a case of jumping in two weeks ago to get to show their EV. Sponsor agreements are made roughly a year in advance.

  9. Let’s just see what is put on display and take it from there. I’m just happy to see something happen TBH and even if it turns out to be a bit underdone or even embarrassing, it doesn’t really matter all that much.

  10. I forgot already. What was that appendage on the dashboard of the NEVS 9-3—-that thing that that stuck out and had wires exposed? I insist on that also being on this car for continuity of the NEVS theme.

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