SOTW, Nathaniel’s Fighter Jet

I’m a long time SAAB fan and Saabsunited reader, but just back in September I bought my first SAAB (it’s my first car). It’s a 2001 9-3 S, so maybe not as exciting as others’ SOTW, but to me a fantastic car. I’d love to see it as the SOTW sometime.


That’s a great looking 9-3 Nathaniel, very smart in deed.
As always, there is a larger version on Flickr.


7 thoughts on “SOTW, Nathaniel’s Fighter Jet”

  1. Beautiful car, Nathaniel. Any and all Saabs are exciting (especially a red one)! Take good care of your 9-3 and she will return the favor.

    • I agree. The OG 9-3 seems to me the most under rate Saab. Even though I “upgraded” mine to a new Aero XWD in 2009, I miss my old 2000 OG. A nice laser red 3 door Viggin is definitely at the top of my Saab wish list.

  2. A very big welcome to the SAAB brand Nathaniel!!! It is so refreshing to hear of people joining the SAAB family for the first time but to hear of a SAAB also being your very first car is fantastic and shows you are obviously a man of great taste and knowledge of a good car. As time passes you will hopefully become more involved in various SAAB groups and events, all of which will offer you a huge friendly welcome plus a fantastic array of Saab cars from across the ages.

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