SOTW from Wonderland Sollefteå

Sorry for the delay with this weeks Saab of the Week. But I think its worth the wait.

Hi Robin…
I just want to share my 9-5 with the rest of the Saab world.
These pictures are taken at the “Ångermannabron” up in Sollefteå, Sweden.
Its around 9.30pm local time and the sun is still shining..
Its a 2011 9-5 Aero TTiD with around 134000km on the speedo.
I have mounted one of the nicest rims I’ve ever seen, 9×20″ Vossen CVT with 245’30’20 GoodYear. I changed the springs as well, dropping the 9-5 by around 45mm.
I have also upgraded the brakes, at the moment its the +18″, and painted red. But I will change them for the brembo brakes soon. I’m very pleased with the look right now. I have tried different splitters at the front but have not found the right one yet…
Any questions about this car, don’t hesitate to ask.
Best regards Andreas Ronnback from “northland/wonderland”

I have placed a few more pictures of this beautiful 9-5 on  my flickr page

11 thoughts on “SOTW from Wonderland Sollefteå”

  1. I really do like white on the Aero. I almost purchased a white Aero with 18’s and no HUD in Frederick, MD but opted for a Diamond Silver Aero with 19’s and HUD. I think my two favorite paint schemes are white (as seen above) and Laser Red. I really do wish Laser Red was an option in 2010!

    About the springs…who is the manufacturer and do they work with DriveSense (i.e., do the dampers still firm up when switching to Sport, soften in Comfort)?

    • Hi… I have the HiPer struts without DriveSense… Well, if i have to be honest. The car is pretty stiff, little bit to much actually… =)

      But as i use to say….
      Sport or Comfort…… 😉

      // Andreas

  2. Nice! Though they should have fitted the 2.5 diesel engine of Fiat/Alfa/Lancia instead of the 1.9. (But VM was already running out of funding).

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