SOTW, Marco’s flying NG900

Hi Robin:

Eight years ago and I keep enjoying this gorgeous SAAB 900NG 2.0T (MY96). The acquisition was a great opportunity that I jumped. I have performed with a number of trips and kilometres (over 70K) and I hope so many years to follow.

This new generation of SAAB 900 was not the bestseller acceptance of his predecessor, the legendary 900OG. The truth is that fewer units are on our roads and few of us still believe in blindly.

Along with good friends SAAB enthusiasts also, lately I’m encouraging courses at tracks days and their behaviour is remarkable. I also enjoy and keep two units of SAAB 9-3, but this model has stolen my heart.

I hope you share this veteran SAAB for your wonderful SOTW.

Marco Fernández

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Thumbs up mate!

I also have NG900 Turbo and love it!


Thanks to Tim & Robin for posting and sharing with all SAAB enthusiasts images from my 900 2.0T (MY96).

In CSE I have been compiling its history:

I look forward to many years of enjoying one SAABs that is becoming a very exclusive model.


Marco Fernandez


I had the same year but a the Coupé, Scarabaeus Green. Great, practical and good looking car.
Since then the Saab bug has remained under my skin.
So keep ’em rolling and enjoy!

Brian Hamilton

Yours is a beautiful car…and very nice photos of her too!
I have a MY99 93 2L Coupe. The same red too, and absolutely like brand new. It has travelled just 117,000 Kms.
I love the B204E engine. Have had a set of extractors fitted to improve performance a little.
These cars have such lovely lines. I’m going to keep mine forever!


I think the engine management Trionic 5 was the highest leap in quality SAAB had development in turbocharged engines. After many years and miles, still have some superb performances, both in 9000 & 900NG as the first 9-3 and 9-5.

More information about my 900NG:

I hope to enjoy them for many years.

Marco Fernandez

Rufus Rudog

Agree, I too own a 1998 NG900 coupe, very low mileage at 68700. Not the original owner but it still is a joy to own and drive.


My 900NG has already reached a high mileage (260K) but I think we still have many years and miles of life.

In recent years I participated in track days and certainly their behavior is more than brilliant.

Here information about last appearance at Ascari Ring (Andalusia. Spain):

See you soon!!!

Marco Fernandez

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