12 thoughts on “SOTW Turbo X style”

  1. I see Kitty found a shady spot under the Saab. Does this make the cat a “Shade Tree Mechanic?” By the way, the car is beautiful and would still sell with a minor update, bonafide dealership network and the right promotion.

  2. I remember my Saab dealer had one of these new in inventory in 2006 w/ manual shift. I looked at it and thought, “I should buy this”. Biggest regret in my Saab driving history ever.

    • The TurboX was a 2008 (-09) specific model with only 2000 cars made in a mix of manual and auto, SS and SC. The SportsCombi was introduced as my2006 though, with the Aero boasting the Assie made GM/Holden made 2.8T V6.

  3. Oh, and I hope you have a tune! It totally transforms the car. The Combi is heavy and the XWD induces some losses. These drawbacks are easily overcome by one of the available tuning guys out there. The 2.8T is a great base for increased performance. There is BCB, JZW, while I’m using Vtuner Brian with full satisfaction. From a cool Combi the tune raises the TX to a practical sports car.
    Just do it!

    • Can you tell me more about the best tune options for the 2.8 T engine? I have a 2009 Aero XWD which has the same 280 hp engine as the TX. Most of the tune packages look they do only minor improvements. I could be convinced if I heard back from members of this group. Thanks in advance!

      • There are a couple of tuner options for the 2.8T. JZW John is one, I’m with Vtuner Brian (also BCB, plus the classics, Maptun, Hirsch, Nordic)… Brian states that there plenty of margins in the hardware, and a software tune reduces or removes the limits set by Saab/GM for market and political reasons. Already a Stage0(Vtuner)/Stage1(JZW) gives you a “new” car. Can’t enough describe the smile on my face after the first Vtune on my 2006 9-3 SS Aero. Yummi!
        To anyone who has an untuned Saab – just do it! No regrets, say 320 bhp, 550 Nm… ;-))

    • Hi (Mr. Saab Quebec Club’s president) Michel,

      Yes it is. I hope you keep a good memory of the ride.

      Thank you all for your nice comments.

      This is a wonderful car to drive everyday 🙂


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