The San Francisco Bay Area Saab Club lives on

It was 10 AM on a Saturday morning (September 6th, 2014 to be exact), at the center of a usual quiet weekend in the Santa Clara high-tech office park that was not even disturbed by the newly constructed football stadium.  Yes, it was a quiet morning indeed.  But, that was about to change: more on that later.  The first item on our itinerary was a visit to the European Auto Factory.  We observed various models: including 9-3s, 900s and of course the venerable Sonett.  After nearly an hour of mingling, the quite air was filled with pistons firing and Turbochargers whistling: the 2014 San Francisco Bay Area Saab Club Meet and Drive was now on the move!

With just under 20 cars lining up on the roadway, our next destination was Half Moon Bay.  Even as we proceeded down Lawrence Expressway, onto I-280, we opted to stop at a Park & Ride just off Sand Hill Road.  After a brief regroup, we followed a scenic mountain route to our next stop, for lunch.  Next, we gathered at a nearby shopping center, where we parked all of our Saabs next to each other, with our hoods open: taking pictures and sharing stories.  The collection was impressive: an assortment of various models including 9-3s, 9-5s and Viggens were present for the occasion.  Next, we hit the road, yet again, but this time embarking on our longest leg of the trip: a drive to Santa Cruz.  During this scenic drive,  which consisted mainly of travel along the famous Pacific Coast Highway but also included a few mountain road excursions, we managed to keep the group together. Between the leisurely highway cruising and the occasional stint of, let’s say — spirited — driving: it was a true testament to the culture of Saab. Our final destination was Pearce Automotive. Several of the upgraded Saabs in our group actually had some truly astonishing tuning performed here, and it was great to see the various other projects they are currently working on. By the time everyone was ready to part ways, we took a step back and marveled not only at the brilliant Scandinavian design and engineering that has captured both our hearts and our minds: but the work we have done ourselves, injecting our own ideas and personality into our cars. And to our friends in Trollhättan, 8601 km away, who continue to fight for the survival of the most inspired automotive legend on the planet: The Saab spirit is alive and well in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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    • Agreed. After talking with a bunch of people during the event, we were in agreement that we would like to hold onto our Saabs for as long as we possibly can, and keep them looking and running like new.

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