A special thanks to the Swedish police – Axel the stolen and found Saab 90

Axel Saab 90 '85
A picture of the police officers with Axel the Saab 90 ’85


My sister’s (though it’s registered on my mother) Saab 90 was stolen during the night to today in Skara, Västra Götaland Sweden (9th of October). We found out about it this morning at 06:00 when my sister called my mother. And of course we reported the car as stolen shortly after we received this call. My sister was devastated and heartbroken, and it didn’t take long before we arrived in Skara to start the search after the car. Unfortunately we couldn’t find him anywhere and started the trip back home again. On the road halfway between Skara and our home we glanced a cirrus white Saab, stranded right next to a river far out on a crops field. We pulled over and I ran towards the car, belive me, I ran like I’ve never done before. And there he was, – stranded on smaller hill of grass and rosehip bushes, beaten down, dirty and a very sad looking Axel.

The police shortly arrived and started examine the car. They were extremely nice and understanding, handling their job perfectly fine. They also had a great sense of humor which made the whole situation less depressive. After the examination they asked us how we were going to get the car out of there, and since we had no idea if a tow truck would be able to drive in the soaking wet soil, we couldn’t really answer their question. But these two lovely police officers actually offered to drive it home to us if we could get the car to start.
My mother turned the chewed up ignition on, and like a true champion he started right up – wounded but never defeated.

During these few hours we’ve been to a certified Saab dealer who did a full inspection and examination of the car.
It breaks my heart to say this, but the future for our beloved Saab 90 doesn’t look too bright right now.
We’ll have to wait for the insurance company’s verdict and just go from there.
But we will do everything in our power to save this rare and beautiful car, and we will never stop fighting for one of our Saab family member.

I want to thank the police officers who helped us through this heartbreaking journey. For doing a great job and for also helping us to drive Axel home to our house, with a police escort for maximum safety.

I also want to thank each one of my friends who helped me share the stolen report post on Facebook early this morning.







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Well done to the police for helping rescue Axel. I hope you are able to save such a rare car. I myself own a 90 and sympathise with your predicament.


I’m not surprised. When I was in Sweden I was struck by how nice all the Swedes were to us.


I hope the jerk joy riders are caught and punished. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you can save the car.

Paul Willis

Congrats on getting the car back! I see it is one of the rare (in the US at least) two-door sedans. Very cool. Like in the US probably, the insurance value is a fraction of how we value these old Saabs. If it were me, I would take the insurance payout, buy the car back from the insurance co. for salvage value, and use the proceeds to fix it and keep it on the road. Of course, that is based on US insurance rules, but maybe an option for you as well. Good luck!


How sad, Madelene! It is good that you found Axel, and I hope that you can make the insurance company recognize the collector-car value of the 90. Perhaps other Scandinavian Saab collectors will help you prove its collectibility by sharing their own information, and show that it is actually worth more than what the book value says…

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