Back Soon: Hirsch 3-Piece Grille

Hirsch Grille Detail

For quite a while the 3-piece grille has been one of the most wanted items from the Hirsch portfolio. Driven through that demand we at have been eager to encourage Hirsch to start a reproduction. We are pretty happy to announce that currently a (most likely last) lot of those grilles is manufactured.

As of today you are able to pre-order those grilles at our store. According to our current time schedule we expect to start shipping of those orders mid December so they should be at our customers in time for Christmas. What a nice present for your 9-3.

As a little bonus we will also add a small gift to every pre-order made before Dec 12th.

We also have a small number of the lower grilles available that make the look complete on the Aero models.

Notify of

This is fantastic news. I spent so much time trying to find the “last one” available, unsuccesfully. I ordered one to match my lower grill.


I had for sale a complete Hirsch aerodynamic pack on UKSaabs and no one claimed it. The ad is gone now but it is still available as a six piece kit. 4 piece grille, rear spoiler, rear diffuser.

Laurens Wilming

If that’s still available, how much are you asking for it?


Contact me on UKSaabs with a pm. The same nickname as here still applies. I will send you the same ad again.


The 4th piece … the bottom honeycomb grill … fits the Aero models of the 9-3 from model year 08 on, but not the Griffin fronts. What was the verdict on it fitting a TurboX? Can it be installed normally? Was there trimming involved? Or should one not even try? Thanks in advance.

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