DIY Saabs (Yes you can too!)

This is probably something different from what you think when you read the headline of this article, but this is Saabs you all can make at home, that’s for sure!


After making ice cubes all summer in my 92.001 ice cube tray from Saab expressions, I realized that I could use the tray for other things too. So what’s better then make some chocolate-Saabs?
To be honest I did this for a few years ago too, but since I have very limited cooking-skills the result was discouraging. To explain what level I’m on when coming to making food – if I manage to boil some water without burning it it have been a great day in the kitchen…  After some debriefing I came to that that I heat up the chocolate too fast and maybe to a far too high temperature, and it ended up very dry, hard and after a few hours it had a white shell.


But shame on those who give up – to continue making 92.001 chocolate I have to buy some special tools. And one day, I saw a heater for making chocolate fondue in a gadget-shop. Since it was cheap (like 100 SEK / ~USD13) I thought it was worth checking out, so I bought it. So yesterday was the big day for some Saab candy production, and of course I don’t remember how much chocolate I needed for making to full trays, so I started with a 300g plate of milk-chocolate.
The process matched my skills very well, simply break the plate into small pieces so they melt faster and put them in the 25W heaters pot and wait. When its ready I started filling the ice cube trays but as the pictures show I have to get something that can remove the leftovers to make a smooth finish. As you can see its not only at the Stallbacka factory they get short of materials – I simply ran out of chocolate after car no 16!!! 😉 So if you are planning to make some chocolate-Ursaabs, you will need about 20g of chocolate pr Saab.


After this it was time to allow the Saabs to cool down, I let them stay in the refrigerator over the night, but I think 3-4 hours will be enough.
The result was over all expectations but there was one small problem; a few small air-bubbles in the cars when I release them from the trays. So if you have a good solution here, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Place also a comment if you have ideas of other things to melt in those trays, I guess that it’s not only ice cubes and chocolate this is suitable for? And next time I meet up with local Saabers it will be some samples to taste for those who dare… 😉

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Finally, a tasty article about Saab that I can enjoy. And, I love the ice-block design cue.

Coke is it

I want to do my own Saab chocolate!

Do you if there are any place that sells the ice cube tray in Sweden?


Very nice idea with the little chocolate Saabs!

What professional chocolate makers use to get the little air bubbles out is vibration.
One idea i had would be to place the tray on a washing machine during the dry-spinning phase right after filling the chocolate into the tray. Don’t know if it will work but it might be worth trying.

Another idea what to fill into the tray would be jelly and then place the jelly saabs on a dessert plate or on a (cheese) cake as decoration.

Peter Gilbert

If you keep the bubbles in then you have a Saab Chocolate AERO!
Aero commercial

Peter Gilbert

I would be SWEET if we could eat up NEVS’s debt just as easy! However this is great for upcoming /Saab Club Christmas parties.


Chocolate and SAABs! Sounds great, and I see that a tray appropriately makes 9.

By the way, how did the trays hold up to the heat from the chocolate?


The tray are made of hi temp silicone, so like those oven mitts. They are good for hot and cold situations. This is what they should make the corner turn signal light gasket out of for the OG 9-5, the current rubber falls apart from uv and heat.


Great post; enjoyed reading this. Nearly the good taste in my mouth 🙂


Cooking tip: you can also melt chocolate in a microwave oven. It’s easier than using a hot-water bath on the stove top. The usual precautions apply: chop the chocolate finely and evenly, do not apply too much heat at once, check and stir the chocolate often.


If chocolate has lots of bubbles it could be a Saab ‘Aero’ the famous UK chocolate bar.


Hahaha!!!! Aero, chocolate air bubbles, yummy truths….


I’d love this cool (!) form, both for ice and chocolate….
The shape of the 92.001 is so sweet (!)


We are lucky to have an ursaab mould too.
comment image

As seen at Swedish Day


Sweet idea.

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