SaabsUnited Calendar 2015

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Here we go again with one of the most fun projects of the year. Just like we did in the last two years we ask you to send us your Saab photos. We will choose 12 of them to design a calendar for 2015. Last year we even got enough to make three different calendars so we look forward to see what you come up with this time.

If you feel that it’s the time for a special dedicated calendar for a certain model or series or have any suggestions regarding the calendar feel free to leave a comment. We will try to include those suggestions in the creation of the final product.

The only requirement for those pics is that they feature one or more Saabs and that the image size and resolution are as large as possible to get proper printing quality. The size of the calendar will be 42×30 cm (like last year) and at that size your image should have at least 200 dpi. But anyway, just send the largest version you have and we will check it for you.

Please send your entries to shop @ until November 11th.

The chosen ones will of course get a free calendar and as an extra bonus a gift card from valued Euro 25.

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Thank you Till. Despite the fact I’m checking cardyourcar often, your post pointed me to this awesome product : . It’s already on the way and I hope it’ll resolve last thing I don’t like on my dame edna – rounded, unaggressive, front spoiler.


Excellent! I will be sending in my entries. This is the post i look forward to annually.



I think it would be awesome to do a “Saab vs” calander. We all take pictures and come up with original “Saab vs” wording. Or I’d be down with one that has a picture of a model and as well has specs and innovative features.


Saab vs grip

Traction is key to control. Control is essential to safety……. need more time to think of one


I loved that vs advertising theme that Saab had! It was provocative and at the same time amusing =)


Yea, figured it would be cool to do with the more modern Saabs since it was originally done in the late 90?. Do one for the ng 9-5 and 9-3.

Saab vs grip (xwd) – do it on a winter month
Saab vs ocular adoption (night panel)
Saab vs smog (electric saab)
That’s all I can thing off for now lol

We could also do this with older ones like how the old Saabs had great roof strength for role overs

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