SOTW, Laser Red Texan

Hi Robin,

I’d like to share my 2009 Saab 9-3 Aero in Laser Red for consideration of SOTW. Being a 2009, it has the 2.8T V6 with XWD and an eLSD. The car is equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission and a number of Hirsch upgrades including the front upper/lower grilles, rear diffuser, dual exhaust, lowering springs, and a Hirsch sport steering wheel on the inside.

On the performance front, it has plenty of power coming with a JZW Stage 3 tune, Genuine Saab downpipe/midpipe, and an ETS intercooler. Overall, it has more than enough power to put a smile on my face every time I drive it

Kindest regards,

Matt (USA)

Big thank you once again an as usual larger versions can be found here

13 thoughts on “SOTW, Laser Red Texan”

  1. The 9-3 is antiquated? This one could have fooled me. This car would draw serious attention in any showroom in 2015, especially in this beautiful color. Gorgeous.

  2. Hum… still much much better than the horrible Senova D60 (Shenbao D60, 绅宝D60), based on the Saab 9-3, and produced by the Chinese manufacturer BAIC since april 2014 !

  3. Great car Matt, looks fantastic in red. I never used to be a fan of red cars, but I think the 9-3 looks particularly stunning in laser red, so much so that we bought a 9-3 Aero Sportwagon (sportcombi) just in August there. Wishing you continued joy & happiness in your 9-3.

  4. I had this exact car in gray, although not tuned as much (just stage 0). I gave it up with a second baby coming (the human kind). I miss it, but that six speed was tough to deal with during my city commute. It was a blast on the open road, though.

    It was near equivalent of a Turbo X, but it had bluetooth! Matt and I are of like mind – I love the tuned car with only the small hint of it’s ability. It’s classy, high-end stock looking but will kick your ass on the road. Me, I kept my Aero/V6/XWD badges which was a unique combination only available in 2009.

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