The most intelligent Swedish vehicles now and then

Guess some of You rememember the 1980 is ad campaign from Saab talking about the “Most Intelligent Car Ever Built”. Stating that the swedish technology and production was special in some ways. Guess they where right to some extent. Still today a properly restored 99 or 900 OG is a true performance drive and with compared to todays safety standards still as an slightly below average car safety vise . The most intelligent thing to do today with just two Swedish manufacturers of vehicles left, Volvo Trucks and Koenigsegg (Scania Trucks is today a 100% German MAN/Volkswagen company, and ovloV cars is chinese). So this leaves You with three options really if You want to be intelligent. Get a Koenigsegg One:1, a Volvo FH Dual Clutch Tractor or build Yourself a 900/99 car. To make Your decision I have posted a small consumers film here for You.

8 thoughts on “The most intelligent Swedish vehicles now and then”

    • If only Volvo had also retained the common sense logic for dashboard design as well. I received a new V50 as a loaner car, and was amazed at how fussy and complicated the dash and controls were. I realize I may be a bit out of date, since my two cars are from 2003 and 2006, but the logic and intuitiveness of the older dash designs is far superior to all of the bells and whistles the car makers feel the need to throw into cars these days.

  1. That 2015 XC90 sure is a nice looking SUV and I really do like the V40 and S60. Too bad they dont have that sprinkle of sportiness that is found in a Saab 9-3.

  2. Maybe Nevs should team up with Tesla instead. Read an article last night about the plans for Tesla gen 3 models. That version will bring their cars and technology to the masses with a starting price of €35000.

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