Press Release: Orio acquires supplier based Nevs tools

Orio acquires all the supplier-based tools for production of spare parts for Saab cars

Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB, has signed a contract with Nevs and has acquired all the tools located at suppliers and used for producing Saab Original spare parts for all existing Saab models. This secures that Orio can ensure the long-term availability of Saab Original spare parts for all Saab cars globally.

“This is a strategically important acquisition which safeguards the production of Saab Original spare parts in the long term and ensures that we maintain our position as the sole supplier of the entire range of original parts for Saab cars.Saab owners, workshops and other customers all over the world are now guaranteed a supply of spare parts well into the future,” says Jonas Tegström, CEO of Orio AB.

The purchase includes 12,500 tools for manufacturing of spare parts for all existing Saab models. Orio previously had the right to use the tools, but has now taken over full ownership. The tools are located with the suppliers which produce Saab Original parts. The suppliers have been informed about the change of ownership and production of spare parts will continue as normal.

Nevs and Orio AB already have a cooperation agreement concerning the distribution and support of cars produced by Nevs. Nevs will still be able to use the tools to manufacture parts for its production of the Saab 9-3 and other future models.

“Saab Original parts will be an important part of our business for many years to come and owning the tools will be financially beneficial. We will continue to increase our market share for Saab Original parts and are expanding our customer base and network of workshops in order sell our products more widely,” says Jonas Tegström.

Facts Orio AB:

– The company is responsible for warehousing, sale and distribution of Saab Original parts and accessories for all Saab Service Centers and Saab Parts Centers globally and also sell logistics and technical services.
– Number of employees in Sweden: Nyköping about 260, Trollhättan about 50. The company is headquartered in Nyköping.
– The company has subsidiaries in its 9 main markets in Europe and the USA.
– Number of employees in the subsidiaries: about 55.
– Have been responsible for Saab Automobile spare parts handling since the 1960s and are the sole distributor of the entire range of Saab Original parts.
– Storage area: around 88 000 m².
– Storage: about 70 000 articles.
– Capacity: about 30 000 order lines/day.
– Shipment of 50 trucks distributed each day.
– The company is fully owned by the Swedish state.
– On November 13, 2013, the company changed its name from Saab Automobile Parts AB to Orio AB.

13 thoughts on “Press Release: Orio acquires supplier based Nevs tools”

      • So if a manufacturer stops making a model—-after a certain amount of years, I’m assuming they stop providing parts, and if there’s a demand, a third party picks up the production of those parts? As an example: A Buick LeSabre—say from 2004—-GM isn’t providing parts anymore, but another company might be? I’m trying to understand how it works. For the new Saab, if there is a new Saab: Moving forward, ORIO won’t provide parts for any model that is introduced by Mahindra-Saab—-that parts supply will be controlled by the new Saab. Let’s say there’s a 2018 9-3: By 2028, will ORIO then be handling parts for that car?

        • Where do you draw the 10 years from? I think the OEM will control the parts supply as long as it is in their business interests. How long that is would depend on the sales success of the car model. I didn’t even know Nevs stil owned the tools, I thought Saab parts owned them already.

          • I was throwing that out as an arbitrary number—but you’re right, if they begin production in 2018 as an example—-and if the run lasts, let’s say, 8 years—-that would take them to 2026. Then, beyound 2026, they would offer parts for at least 7-10 years (I’ve heard that by law, manufacturers must supply parts for at least 7 years after they discontinue a model, bankruptcies probably exempted though). So in that case, Mahindra/Saab would control parts well into the 2030s—-at which time—-might they then stop supplying parts and possibly ORIO would? This is all hypothetical of course—-but I’m curious about it.

  1. This indeed Great News! Took X out for a run this evening (sat 2 weeks while travelling Down Under) and blasted through quotidian assortment of Japanese and Bavarian metals as we renewed our Bond.

    Heavily modified (perhaps second only to Dr. Oz’s ‘Beast’; 425 + HP) and 80,00 km strong, I worry of two items only: Fuel Pump (different in XWD vs FWD, though some retrofit Aero pump in appropriate housing(?)) and apparently hard to come by; and Haldex (fluids changed… ‘some metal shavings found’…told to come back in 2 years). If these things remain available, timely, there’s little reason for switch. To what? (though there’s a French Blue XFR-S, local, that makes me Double Take). 94 octane fuel is down here to $1.17 L and likely to stay put. Halcyon indeed 🙂

  2. Very good news indeed. However this is about parts, does somebody knows if this also includes the software for servicing the 9-5 NG, the 9-4X and the 9-5 SC’s?

  3. It is good these tools will be protected from liquidation, but I hope this does not result in a huge price hike. In either case, at the rate I am putting miles on my 9-5 I don’t expect to need a ton of parts.

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