Saab Club Belgium organized a tour of the Cribs

Kerststallentocht_3 Kerststallentocht_1 Kerstallentocht_2December 27th, in the North of Belgium 22 Saab cars gathered for a tour of the cribs. A tour in which we passed 13 cribs. So far the winter here was mild, in fact far too mild. But on this day the first snow did hit the ground in Northern Belgium (Antwerp province).In a beautiful white landscape all the 22 teams (two Saabs from The Netherlands came down for this event) drove this 60 KM tour and could visit each and every crib along the way. We started with coffee and at the arrival there was warm soup for everyone. This was a gorgeous way to start the Christmas holiday and the Saabs did do so well in the snow.

10 thoughts on “Saab Club Belgium organized a tour of the Cribs”

  1. The last several posts have been a nice way to end the year. A real Christmas present in that they represent a break from the bankruptcy/reorganization etc. conjecture for the Holiday season.

  2. Yep, nice to see this type of thing – and nice to see the 9-3 cabrio carrying the tree! I was out for a drive today and came across a 2000 9-3 Cabrio cruising along at exactly 100 km/h – the only other car on the road. I overtook it quite rapidly and saw what looked to be a middle-aged husband and wife out enjoying the day. About 10 minutes later, after turning around on the motorway, I came across another car in the distance – again traveling at 100 km/h. I closed up and overtook it. What was it this time? A 2001 9-3 Cabrio….again with a happy-looking couple behind the wheel…

    Happy New Year to you all!

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