SOTW, daily 900 SPG commuter

Hi Robin,

Though I don’t post much, I’m a long time SU reader.  I thought I’d submit my contribution to SOTW.
I’ve owned several Saabs, my wife and I both love driving them.  She usually drives the 9-5 Aero with the kids around town, and I commute in the SPG.

My Saab story: The first ride I ever took was in a Saab, from the hospital home, with my loving parents, in a ’78 Saab 99.  I later learned to drive a manual transmission in my older brother’s ’83 900s, then drove various Saabs (’92 9000, ’91 900, ’87 900) of family members until I bought my very first Saab, a Cirrus 1993 9000 Aero in 2003.  I sold that car when my wife and I moved overseas and, upon our return, bought the Nocturne blue 9-5 Aero SC, followed by the ’86 SPG.  The blue Aero was replaced by a cleaner and generally nicer Steel gray Aero late last summer, which is when the fleet picture was taken.  We’ve since sold the blue Aero.  I’m selling my SPG to buy back the 9000 Aero that I used to own!

Peter (PGAero)
Nevada City, California, USA



14 thoughts on “SOTW, daily 900 SPG commuter”

        • I live at about 3400 ft (1000m). Just 45 minutes up the hill from me is Donner Summit, at 7200ft (2200m) where, on a normal year, they receive 500″ (~13 meters) of snowfall annually. Further south in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is Mt. Whitney, at 14,494 ft (4400m). There are no roads through that section of the mountains ;o)

          It is about 2.5 hours drive to the ocean from my place. Up here in the northern part of California, the ocean water stays between 55-60 degrees F (12-15C). We swim in it, but it is quite different than the ocean temperatures further south.

    • The roads around here are some of the best I know for spirited driving and just enjoying the scenery. I commute 25 miles on curvy, two-lane mountain roads. It takes me about 35 minutes to get to work. There are no stop lights, and there is no “traffic.” The only traffic I encounter is the occasional driver going slower than usual. It’s no big deal though, as the whole drive is relaxing, and I’m not in a hurry.

      Lately, I’ve seen a c900 ‘vert commuting the opposite direction of me. He’s flashed his lights a couple times. I always wave or flash back.

  1. What an absolutely beautiful car, I wish it were mine and that I could drive those roads you mention! Congratulations on your obviously successful stewardship of this spectacular 900.

    All I will say otherwise is that this deserves much more love on this site!

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