SOTW, Snow loving Griffin

Niels-Søren Bøgh from Denmark sends us some beautiful wintery pictures of his 9-3x

This is my wife’s 9-3X TTiD 200 Griffin Hirsch MY12 on small trip to the nature. The place is called the “Frost wally” and was formed by the last ice age. For those who like nature, snow and Saabs – here are some winter pictures that speak for them self!

Between the pips is a badge installed from a classic 900 Turbo… this has become a family trend!

This is after my opinion the car NEVS should have had their focus on in TTiD, BioPower and ePower. And my biggest dream is the TTiD  with the eAAM system…  Merry Xmas!

Thank you very much for this weeks SOTW, bigger pictures can be found here


3 thoughts on “SOTW, Snow loving Griffin”

  1. Stupid question perhaps. I have a 2011 9-3X SC that looks exactly like the SOTW. What makes it a Griffin? Engine? Trim Level? I don’t remember ever in my 30+ years of Saab ownership ever having a US dealer mention the word Griffin, or indicated there was a special model.

    • Griffin was MY12 only. Meant to be a last-edition. Some minor (yet tasteful) interior changes and a few exterior changes, including the revised grille with the larger Saab wordmark, revised tail gate trim with the Saab wordmark, and bluish ice block headlights. In petrol powered form, they got the new 2.0T from GM.

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