Caution: Non Genuine Hirsch Steering Wheels on eBay

ebay saabtun 600

Today I was contacted by a fellow Saabist who ordered one of those steering wheels from a seller called saabtun-parts. Since on ebay it said the item was located in Germany but the parcel was sent from Poland he got suspicous and contacted me to verify if it was genuine Hirsch. A quick check with Hirsch brought to light what we had already expected – those steering wheels were not made by Hirsch (and not by MapTun either just to mention).

A bit more investigaton brought to light that saabtun-parts was the new name of the seller zeliftpl, who as it seems left a rather bad impression at saabers in the uk and elsewhere when they sold silicone hoses.

While it does not mean the wheel is bad when not made by Hirsch using a false name to promote it and justify a price tag of well over 500 Euro is not what an honest businessman would do in my opinion. Another point is that they exclude the customer’s right to return the item within a certain period of time is, ehem, kinda suspicous, given the legislation in most EU countries.

Feel free to share your experience with saabtun-parts or their alter ego, zeliftpl, in comments. The more info the better I’d say.

7 thoughts on “Caution: Non Genuine Hirsch Steering Wheels on eBay”

  1. Be warned, he is also advertising on uk Ebay, with the item supposedly located in uk. In total he has 22 items listed – so be warned! Have Ebay been advised of the situation and requested to remove his listings?

  2. If he is misrepresenting the items in his listings, buyers can use E-Bay’s Buyer Protection to get refunds. I received a counterfeit watch once and was able to send it back and get a refund, even though the seller didn’t want to cooperate. E-Bay will force the issue.

  3. I don’t know why, but there is no possibility to use the E-bay’s Buyer Protection to get refunds. Probably because the seller gives no rights to returen the items. So there is only one way, if you have paid with PayPal. Then you have the PayPal-Protection.

    • Oh—-maybe that’s why it was easy for me to return the counterfeit watch and get a full refund. I did pay with Pay Pal. But honestly, I think E-Bay is very strict about counterfeit items being sold on the site. Even if the seller says “no returns” E-Bay usually forces a refund if the merchandise can be shown to be counterfeit. I think the issue is that in some countries, if E-Bay is knowingly letting people sell counterfeit items—they as the “reseller” of sorts—can face extremely serious penalties and fines. They are usually very anxious if “counterfeit” is the reason a buyer is disputing a transaction. Now, if the seller isn’t representing these items as “genuine” and it’s the buyers not paying attention to the listing—-and jumping to conclusions—-then E-Bay will not help the buyer. The key is that the seller has to be misrepresenting the item as genuine—-not saying “like” the genuine or “performs as” the genuine.

  4. The one I see on eBay right now clearly states:
    “To all viewers and buyers – It is not a genuine Hirsch leather and not a Maptun steering wheel either.
    It has been redesigned and reconditioned with new leather and Hirsch-like shape (very similar shape). ”
    However, I don’t know if earlier ads said this.

    • In the meantime he has changed a few things like the location of the item and the disclaimer that it is not Hirsch…
      Still, from what I got to know by now he seems to be not too trustworthy.

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