Peter “Pirre” Wallenberg passes away at age 88

Skärmavbild 2015-01-19 kl. 16.43.51

Peter Wallenberg 1926 – 2015. Photo courtesy dagensPS

I was walking by Grand Hotel in Stockholm today and noticed the absence of international nation flags and just a Swedish flag on half pole. Then I noticed one of the banks near King’s Garden (Kungsträdgården) flying their Swedish flag in the same way. A quick glance on the iPhone gave the answer that Peter “Pirre” Wallenberg had passed away a few hours earlier.
Peter was the elder in the Wallenberg family. He started his career at Atlas Copco in 1953 and was not given any of the “heavy” positions within the Wallenberg family Sphere. His brother Marc was favored by the father Marcus “Dodde” Wallenberg Jr. Peters career started to peak after the death of the father in 1982.
In the ´80ies Peter consolidated some earlier business with Volvo by selling SAAB stocks to General Motors and Alfa Laval stocks to the Rausing family. he served as the chairman for Investor and made it more international forming ABB out of ASEA AB and the Swiss company Brown Boveri. Strains and AstraZeneca was also formed under Peters stewardship. ABB CEO Percy Barnevik was by Peter given a record pension plan that was highly criticized.
Peter Wallenberg was involved in Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan) and the Foundation of Knut and Alice Wallenbergs. The saving of the SAAB Car Museum was partly made possible by that foundation and his son Peter “Poker” Wallenberg jr.
Peter was given the title Honorary Doctor at Stockholms University in 2008 and also given the Serafimiermedallion in 2000. The medallion has been given to persons who has” Given humanitarian or societal benefits in line of work at an exceptional level” since 1748. The swedish king decides who can get the medallion. The text on the medallion says “Proceres cum principe nectar” (It unites the best (People) with the Prince (Machiavelli)).

Condolences to the Wallenberg family is hereby conveyed from SaabsUnited Crew and our readers

Skärmavbild 2015-01-19 kl. 16.35.40

The only picture I could find with Peter and a SAAB. This one a 9000 CDE Griffin, Photo courtesy SvD

Skärmavbild 2015-01-19 kl. 16.29.10

Peter Wallenberg at a ceremony (Note songwriter Benny Andersson once in Pop Group ABBA behind Peter) Photo courtesy SvD

7 thoughts on “Peter “Pirre” Wallenberg passes away at age 88”

  1. No need to feel sad, he had a great and highly productive life. Just celebrate the fact he touched our lives in a small way. Thanks Peter!!!

  2. Peters passing away has been big news in Swedish media. What strikes me is what media says how hard the family was against him when he was young. The other siblings where prioritized in many ways. It was a cold childhood, with little or no support and beeing regarded as a loser.
    After his brothers suicide in early ´70ies, his father wanted to promote the Volvo CEO P-G Gyllenhammar to take stewardship in the sphere.
    But he managed to take control eventually, the business with Volvo and Norwegian oil was scrubbed. Then Wallenberg sold out part of SAAB to General Motors.

  3. Whilst I know nothing more about the Wallenbergs other than what I read in the media, I just wanted to highlight how fascinating the black and white picture you selected is.

    Though extremely simplistic, that face seems to tell a thousand stories of experience, wisdom and humanity.

    If those were Peter Wallenberg’s qualities he must have been a great man. If not, then the guy who took the picture was…..

    Fascinating either way.

  4. I’ve got a friend who is Indian, raised both in the US and India, and was in the Indian Air Force. He flies for United. He is very informed about what goes on with the Indian Air Force. He tells me that the Indians have essentially told Saab that their planes are not good enough; they are not nearly as good as the new Indian fighter but then again, not much else is as good as this new Indian fighter.

    So Saab lost a chance to sell planes to India because of Saab’s aeronautical inferiority. Saab is falling behind and they simply are not the aeronautical leader they once were. Saab desperately needs top international business.

    He thinks an association with Mahindra might get Saab other Indian aeronautical business through a joint venture of some kind. Mahindra can pretty much dictate to Saab whatever Mahindra wants if Saab ever wants any Indian aeronautical business.

    Mahindra will probably just hold out till Saab gets reasonable, and begins to understand they are not the top dog. It’s pretty laughable that Saab would dictate terms to Mahindra. It’s pretty stupid geopolitically as well.

  5. davidgmills, if a plane is good or not depends on what You want to accomplish. India might want to use a plane to drop nukes on Pakistan? The 39 Gripen might be better doing something else. Brazil however likes Saab and is buying.

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