SOTW, Happy Birthday Dario

Yes, its Dario’s Birthday and SOTW is dedicated to him and his two Saabs.

Hello Robin .

My name is Dario and I’m from Lisbon , Portugal, and I am the founder of the Saab Clubs in Portugal

The 9-5 is my second Saab that I have , this is a Saab 9-5 from 1998, 2.3t , and this morning I decided to see the sunrise at my work , and then I take this picture…and I thought….this goes directly to my desktop 🙂 I hope you like it as well.

Then there is my first Saab, a 9000, that I still have.
My father was a Saab mechanic for 35 years, and this was one of the cars that he worked while he was there….of course this was from a costumer at the time , and it was a simple cd , but then at the age of 20 I bought it and then I’ve started to modified it…..body kit , exhaust , rims , engine and everything you can think of… is a vintage that I keep in my garage….

Yes I’m a proud owner! 😀

I’ve sent you a word document, (sorry it is in Portuguese, but nothing that Google translator can’t cope with), it tells the full history of my 9000 and how everything started.


Big thanks to Dario for sharing his Saabs, I have put larger pictures on Flickr as always and below is the text Dario talked about above.
Nome: Dario Galvao
Ano Nascimento: 1980
Localização: Sintra
Como tomou conhecimento do SAABsPORTUGAL: Amigos
O que lhe agrada mais no seu SAAB: Potência, design, tecnologia, performance, conforto…
Alterações efectuadas:
• Jantes 16″ TSW – by Jose Galvao
• Pneus Kuhmo – by Fragoso & Filhos
• Barra estabilizadora suplementar traseira – by Giles
• Manometro AFR, Bateria, Temperatura Oleo e Pressao de Turbo – by race sport
• Tapetes Race sport
• Caves de roda do kit airflow – by Teszero
• Saias do kit airflow – by Jose Galvao
• Para choques frente / traseiro personalizados – by me.
• Remocao de frisos exteriores
• Piscas laterais brancos – by scantech
• Piscas frontais brancos – by scantech
• Portas frente personalizadas – by me.
• Suporte manometros interior – by ebay
• Interiores de portas vermelho – by estofadores Alfragide
• Valvulas de pneu invisiveis – by Fragoso e Filhos

-Performance e mecânica:
• Downpipe 3” – by abbott racing
• Escape 3” – by escapes do areeiro
• Panela de escape final – by race sport
• Abracadeiras de alta pressao
• Colectores de escape – by escapes escorpiao
• Tubo de admissao 3” – escapes do estoril
• Manta de vidro (tubo de admissao)
• Tubos de silicone admissao e intercooler – by samco
• Fpr 3.0 bar – by bosch
• Turbo Garrett T3: Core de admissao aumentada para stage 2, collector de escape novo e casquilhos novos – by Iberoturbo
• Re-posicao do intercooler de oleo
• Equilibrio da cambota e volante de motor – by Tempec
• Velas iridium – by NGK
• Chip de combustivel – Speedparts
• Oil catch can – by me.
• Unidade APC alterada – by Swedish dynamics
• Bloco encamisado com camisas de ceramica
• Remocao do AC e todos os components
• Dump Valve – by Forge
• Filtro ar de rendimento – by JR
• Intercooler – by abbott racing
• Reconstrucao total da caixa de velocidades e rolamentos novos SKF
• Remocao dos filtros e afinacao dos injectores
• Valvulas rodadas


• Subwoofer 800 w – by Rocksford Fosgate
• Amplificador 4x100w – by Blaunkpunkt
• Amplificador 2x500w – by Gravity
• Condensador 2.0 Farad – by Fulais
• 2x 180 w – by Magnat
• 2x 360w – by Magnat
• 4x 120w – by ?
• Mala personalizada – by me.
• Acrilico com iluminacao e logo Saab – by ebay
• 5 luzes neon azuis – by Norauto
• Auto-radio Belson

Modelo do seu SAAB: 9000 CD 2.0 Turbo
Ano: 1988

Ora bem……vamos la tentar fazer novamente o diario deste carro. Fiz-o uma vez e depois perdeu-se no antigo forum. Sendo sincere nunca mais tive paciencia para fazer outro devido a extensao do mesmo.
Mas vamos tentar mais uma vez.

4 thoughts on “SOTW, Happy Birthday Dario”

  1. Hey Robin M. he is Dário Galvão… not “Mário” as you called him!
    And it´s a shame the intire page isn´t translated to English… And the links isn´t linked to an actual picture…
    Oh well… next time it will be better… 🙂

    Happy Birthday Brother!

    • Changed the one small mistake, sorry for the slip up. At least it said Dario in the main title.
      Google translate is there for you to use and translates into many languages.
      I didn’t have time to translate it and then make it into good English.
      As for the photo links, I tried a couple and they worked so I presumed all the others worked. I have now taken them away. This will stop people clicking onto dead links.

      • It´s ok RobinM… my post was only trying to say that this could be an awesome report if everything was shown… Next time it will be better.
        Oh, BTW , “…it´s a shame…” in owr language it´s translated to “what a pity”….. I didn´t mean to be bad… ok? Thumbs Up!!

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