sotw, Gregs’s Saved 99LE

Hi Robin:

Here are a few shots of my 1975 SAAB 99LE. Bought this car from an Estate back in the Spring. A barn find with 61,000 miles and original owner. The car had not run in about 25 years. Needless to say it cleaned up amazingly . Installed new headliner, cleaned the entire fuel system. It runs and drive great. Wet sanded the mostly original paint with 2000 & 3000 wet paper then buffed. Can’t wait for Spring and to show her off and drive as a summer car.

The only thing I plan to do with this car is to add a nice set of Soccerball alloys once I find them. Attached are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures


Greg Smith
Catskill NY

14 thoughts on “sotw, Gregs’s Saved 99LE”

  1. You’ve got a very nice car that seems to be in perfect shape. If the color is solid (not metallic) I think it was called Emerald Green, a quite time-typical color for the early 70-ies. Think it was produced for only one or two years, so there can’t be many out there on the market. Congratulations, and keepit well.

  2. Great looking, unique car. I love the fact that back then, there were so many better color choices exterior and interior. I wish car makers would go back to that.

    • Agree with you, Angelo! Green is my favourite colour, I once had a 1979 99 Turbo, with acacia green metallic exterior, one of my favourite shades of green. It had, of course, also green interior, the seats had a more exclusive upholstery than this 99LE, looked really good, but I think the carpets were the same.
         Today many cars have boring(my opinion) black or dark grey interior, I must be lucky having the light grey interior (Parchment) in both my cars (2014 NEVS-9-3 and 2012 Convertible Independence Edition), there were no interior options for any of them.
         The last 12 years at Saab Automobile AB, I had a company car, and we switched cars every year. Every time I ordered the new car, I wanted a new colour, and since I do not like e.g. black and blue, my biggest problem was to choose the colour.

      • Yep. You can have any interior color you want, as long as it’s grey or tan. You can have a “wide range” of exterior paints—-black, white and various greys/silvers. Oh, and maybe a red or a blue every now and then. I think back to Cadillac in the early ’70s—–they probably had at least a dozen standard exterior colors and then at least 6 more extra cost “firemist” colors (enhanced metallic). So you’d have a choice of maybe 20 colors for your new car. And there were also a wide range of interior colors—-you could even specify various colors separately for the seating, carpeting, dashboard and steering wheel—-and factory floor mats!

  3. That is AMAZING. My first Saab was a ’76 GL 4-door (same car) in a butterscotch. Clearly yours was not made in Belgium as mine was! It wasn’t until I bought my second Saab (a ’77 99 GL 5 door, made in Finland) that I found out how great the cars really were! The ’77 was “spring green” (think glows in the dark) but with the same interior color as yours.

  4. You got it all wrong – there is no such thing as soccerball – at least in Sweden – and above all, the rims were internally called EMS-rims, because they were first introduced on EMS :o)

  5. Such a car we drove from 1981-1988. She had EMS-rims, 118 hp and an automatic gearbox. If you want to see a picture take a look into the attachment 2 of “Our Saab history” which I laid down in chapter Photos&Images of the key-word “Forum”.

  6. Love it Greg!
    I bought a new Verona Green 99L in Feb 1974, the only new car I’ve ever had. Used it for business and put a lot of miles on it very quickly, loving every one of them. Lots of 96s, 900s, 9000s, 9-3s and 9-5s since then. A few years ago we bought a 99GL, which I loved, but finally had to part with last month due to severe Northeast US corrosion. If you ever decide to sell it, please let me know, I’m ‘firedome’ on the Saab Rally and Saab Link websites, and only an hour or so from Catskill, just west, in Binghamton NY.

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