SOTW, stunning laser red 9-3

This weeks sotw is from George in the UK.
Another very smart bold colour which makes our Saabs stand out from the crowd.

Hi Robin,

Hope you are well, just wanted to share with you some recent photos of our freshly washed 9-3 TTid Aero Sportwagon in laser red.

We bought this car on 1 August and just love it…never used to be a big fan of red cars, but have to say I think this one looks particularly stunning in Saab’s laser red.

Hope you may consider as a possible contender for SOTW sometime in the future.

Kind regards,

George McGuinness

Big thank you to George for sharing, there are a few extra pictures on Flickr for you to look at.

If you would like your Saab to appear on SOTW, please send me a few pictures and a write up to robin.kerry at PLease put sotw in the subject box


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Angelo V.

One of Saab’s all time best colors on one of Saab’s all time best designs (in my opinion).

Patrik H

Completely agree.

Troels, Denmark



Nice car, enhanced by being at Rugby Park – one of the most family friendly football grounds.


One word — WOW!!


Although I really like my 9-5 I still miss my 9-3 SW. Quite envious.

George McGuinness

Hi All,

Thanks for all your kind comments…I saw earlier today that Saab Cars Facebook page has posted a laser red 9-3 Sportwagon…and thanks Robin for sharing it with everyone, very much appreciated.
All we need now to complete the look is the addition of roofrails – does anybody know if these can be fitted retrospectively? Looking at the Saab parts UK website, they don’ t seem to be listed as an available accessory, only the roof bars.


I am sure the factory fitted rails were just that – factory fitted. There was a set of roof-rails and cross bars that fitted into / onto marked areas on the roof. If I am wrong I am sure someone will correct me.

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