Unique Yellow TX from Canada.

Hi Robin,

I’m the original owner of this TX in Vancouver, Canada and it’s my favourite car thus far. It’s sad to see Saab being sold multiple times and Spyker going under. IMO Aileron is truly a masterpiece with beautifully crafted exterior and interior.

Let’s hope for a better 2015 for our beloved Swedish brand as well as Muller and Spyker.
Happy New Year to my fellow Saabers!

The upgrades on my TX include:

– Gloss yellow car wrap
– Gloss black roof and mirrors wrap
– 19″ TX wheels with custom paint job (winter), 19″ Hirsch 3-Spoke with custom paint job (summer)
– Spacers 10mm front/ 12mm rear
– Hirsch honeycomb front grill
– Roof and trunk lip spoilers
– Lightly tinted windows and taillights

– Hirsch carbon leather dash
– Hirsch leather handles/ handbrake/ smart slot
– Custom Turbo X aluminium pedals

– Vtuner 320hp ECU
– 3″ Downpipe and midpipe

(planning on a 400hp upgrade with intercooler in 2015)

– Brembo 6-piston monobloc with 355 mm brake discs
– Bilstein B8 shocks with H&R springs

– SID2 from Henrik, thanks for the coolest saab gadgets ever

and more…


A big thank you to Kenny, I love this 9-3 in yellow, certainly stands out,
A few more pictures can be found on my Flickr page.

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WOW, this is one of the most amazing 9-3’s ever posted on SU. Looks like it could have been a 2013 Aero model – very tasteful mods.

Chris Carrier

Wow, takes balls to paint a TX yellow. Looks great!

Jason Petho

If I am reading correctly, he used a body wrap. Great idea! When he gets bored with it, he can pull it off with his original paint colour unaffected underneath!


Absolutely breath taking…….Wow.

Doug R.

By far the hottest car I have seen on SU… This car is mint.. Big money invested,, What did it take for all the upgrades?.

Patrik H

Just. Wow.

Troels, Denmark

I´ll repeat; woow! For once, i even like the (partly) black rims…. – because this car is so consequently two-coloured; only yellow and black. Nice!


Absolutely stunning, loving how this works at the back. Beautifully executed too.

Angelo V.

If Saab had the b*lls to build a car like this and offer a few bold colors like this one—-they might still be selling cars instead of going bankrupt and seeing their company fall into the hands to a consortium who didn’t know anything about running a car company.


Yes, indeed, Angelo.
SAAB lost its identity and uniqueness amongst the herd.
Then came the “slippery-slope”

Angelo V.

That color is almost a dead ringer for a bright yellow that was used on Corvettes in the 1970s—-maybe the best color ever for Corvettes and I have to say, it changes the personality of the 9-3. The aggressive color is perfect for the 9-3 shape. Wow.


Are you listening NEVS/Mahindra?

Angelo V.

It would be so nice to finally rid ourselves of that “NEVS” part.

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