Get the unique 9-5 NG camera technology for Your SAAB now!

As some of You already know I have been working with Traffic Safety and at that time new technologies for cars and trucks for the Swedish National Road Administration. That was in the late 1990ies 15 years ago. What was hot then is today way old. Actually I still have one of the test equipment in my garage, a Alpine built (for Volvo) Dynaguide GPS system with TMC technology. I would be willing to sell it to someone who has a 1998 Volvo who would like to have the ultimate accessory.

The NG 9-5 had an optional feature called “Opel-Eye” a camera that recognized road lane markings and traffic speed signs and no overtaking signs. That technology was NOT invented in house in Trollhättan, Rüsselheim or Detroit. It was from Jerusalem in Israel. The company Mobileye made the hardware and the data processing.

Now there is an aftermarket product that gives You as a driver not only the lane control and sign, but also collision warning of cars, motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians. This would be a perfect add-on to Your new ore near-new car. As long as it have a CAN BUS electrical system which all Saabs from 9-5 OG and onwards have.
The installation needs to be professionally done, besides that is is super easy to operate since it is doing everything without You having to a thing.

Swade even wrote about this system for the NG 9-5 back in 2010

If You are living in Sweden and is interested in getting the product in Your Saab or any other car feel free to contact me at trued[at]

9-5 Camera


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Of course it wasn’t called Opel-Eye on the Saab 9-5. That was Opel’s brand for the same system. Saab called it Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR).


I have that “Opel Eye” thing on my car, but it does not change between high and low beam. It only read road signs and lane change. Is it possible to get all the other functionson on my ng 9-5.


The Traffic Sign Recognition system never made its way to the US market. My 2010 NG 9-5 does have the lane departure warning system – how would I go about updating the system to incorporate the other features?


On my 9-5 NG I do have TSR and LDW but none of the others mentioned in the video.


Glad though that the low/high beam does not function while that function I rather control myself.

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