SOTW, Saab 9-5 in Istanbul

This weeks SOTW comes from Aydin in Turkey, great to see Swedish vehicles enjoying the snow there

Hi Robin,
My name is Aydin, I live in Istanbul and quite a SAAB enthusiast. I have been following SU for a long time and thought it would be good idea to share my SAAB. Correct me if I am wrong, if you publish my photos it will be the first one from Turkey.
This is my 2004 9-5 2.3T Vector. She is with me for a few months and I do love driving her. Having German and Japanese cars in the past, I can easily say that SAAB is by far the best one I have ever driven. The car has a unique design and great build quality. Drives very smooth and fuel consumption is very fair thinking of her performance.
After purchasing the car I changed the DI casette, brake pads and did the regular oil and filter changes and now I can say she is in good condition. SAAB is a rare brand in Turkey, Turkish premium market is dominated by German players. Despite everything, we still can find both authorized services and private garages for maintenance.
The first photo was taken at a weekend trip to a small lake 250. km east of Istanbul. Snow and cold weather is her natural habitat. Travelled about 650. km in two days, driving in hard winter conditions was no problem with her.
I salute every SAAB enthusiast and SU readers around the world with my best SAABish wishes 🙂

Another great Swede enjoying the snow.

A big thank you to Aydin who has some extra and larger pictures which can be found on my Flickr page

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Barkın Çelik

Aydın Bey bizlerde buralardayız =) =) Aracınızla güzel bir yolculuk geçirdiÄŸiniz için gerçekten sevindim. Uzun yıllar Saab’ın keyfini sürmeniz dileÄŸiyle…
Not sure if the rest of the world will understand this. Any chance of a translated comment please,Robin.

Aydın Davran

Barkın Bey, güzel dileğiniz için teşekkürler. Buralardayız derken İstanbul mu? Siz de mi 9-5 kullanıyorsunuz?


Great looking ’04! I really like the OG 9-5, have a ’04 SC myself in silver.
Hope you will enjoy your Saab for many km to come.
Salutes back at you from Sweden 🙂

Aydın Davran

Thanks Rikard!

Paul Willis

Very nice! Thanks for the pics

Aydın Davran

Thanks 🙂



Gule gule kullan! Adim Arman Deniz, ABD’de yasiyorum ama arada Izmir ve Istanbula geliyorum, bulusmak isterim! Malesef SAAB’larimin hepsi ABD’de…

Aydın Davran


Sen de güle güle kullan SAAB’LARI 🙂 Kaç tane var, ne kullanıyorsun? Ä°stanbul’dayım hep, gelmeden haber vermen yeter..


Great looking 9-5!

The first picture reminds me of Russia (our winter/summer home) and not what I expect of Turkey! 🙂

Aydın Davran

At least 1/3 of Turkey has 6 months of winter season 🙂

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