Sotw, the dark collection

Dear Robin:

I have been meaning to send in photos of our Saabs for quite a while for SOTW and am just now getting around to it.   We really like the feature on SaabsUnited.  Attached are some pics taken a few months back in 2014:  a 2002 9-3 Viggen, a 2007 9-3 anniversary edition, a 2010 9-5 Aero and a 2011 9-4x Aero.  You could aptly say we are a bit addicted to Saabs (and these four follow several others we had before them)!  We actually sold the Viggen last year shortly after the pictures were taken so are down to 3 Saabs, which maybe is a bit more manageable.

We couldn’t capture all of them in a photo in our garage and driveway so we took these pictures at a park close to our home.


Chuck and Mike

Seattle, WA

Great looking 9-4x

Larger pictures can be found on my Flickr Page


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Its like a US Saab Museum! Image what the mid-cycle updates on the 9-4X and NG9-5 could have been? Twin-turbo’s or new motors?


It would have been an amazing car! I saw some of the stuff that was in the planing stages for 2012, it would have been so great! =)

Paul Willis

Very nice!

Philip Neri

Very nice collection indeed, all quite unique versions of their respective models.




Why in the world did you sold viggen???


I want one very bad!!! They hard to find in good condition and on top of that they freaking expensive.
But…I’m still looking for one and I’m patient!

otherwise very nice looking stable of SAABs you got there!!



Why, why, WHY sell a Viggen?
My sentiments exactly.


Very nice indeed! Hope to see one or more of these cars tomorrow at the 9th Annual Swedish Car Cuise-In at the XXX Rootbeer Dine In in Issaquah Washington:

Patrik H

Excellent collection! If I were to design a collection of Saabs from the past 15 years, it would look very much like this! Kudos and enjoy.


For me it would be the following:

1997 9000 Aero
2002 Viggen coupe in Laser red
2008 Turbo X Sportcombi
2011 NG9-5 2.8T, XWD in Laser red

If I can go back further in time I’d also have a 99 turbo with Airflow fit and a 900 turbo SPG!

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