SOTW, the Red Viggen.

Dear Robin,

I attach a very unique picture for SOW.
During 2 weeks, I travel across the US with Peter Gilbert, The Million Mile Saab Man.
We departed his home in Milwaukee to attend the Saab Owner’s Convention held in Oregon.
Still on our way back, and we have been through many adventures and sceneries.
Our trusty companion this trip, is peter’s 2001 Viggen, tuned to stage 2, and with some more goodies.
The car is one of 62 3 door red Viggens produced for the North American market.
So far, we traveled more than 5000 very hi speed miles, which turned out an average fuel consumption of 30 US MPG, and no loss of any motor oil.
The car just turned 124000 miles, with many more to come.
One place we visited on our way back is Butte in the western part of Montana.
This town is of Irish heritage, and developed on Gold, silver and mostly copper mines. It has developed from a camp, through a boomtown to a mature city emphasizing the historic preservation and environmental cleanup.
Some headframes still hang over mine shafts, in part of the history preservation.
The picture shows Peter at the driver’s seat of the Viggen in front one of a headframe.

5 thoughts on “SOTW, the Red Viggen.”

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the SOW. What a great road trip to take with a good destination too! How was the SOC? What was the mood like? Nice Viggen; more pics would be great.

  2. This was indeed quite a road trip because I had never ventured further west by car past Colorado when we enjoyed the tour of that state with Jerry Daner with the Colorado convention. This trip entailed over 12 hours a day between Oren and I to drive the 4 days to Oregon and likewise on the return.

    At first I was planning to take my 2007 9-5 Combi because of the extra rom and XM Satellite Radio but the car was in the shop with what I thought was the dreaded 2007 fuel pump. after a couple of months it was the bottom hose had blown off the Intercooler!

    Anyway we took the Viggen which is actually an SQR Stage III with a stainless steel BSR exhaust. This car has phenomenal fuel consumption and driving to the Albany Convention I drove 550 miles from Milwaukee to Eire, PA on a tank of gas! The story of the the black wheels was one day I received a call that someone in Chicago was giving away a free set of Black-Powder-Coated factory Viggen wheels. I called my son who immediately picked them up for me and after I put them on I had my silver ones also coated the same. I do have photos but I discovered by chance that someone from the New Jersey Convention took a video of the car on the Dyno, at 285 bhp. This is what it must have sounded like blowing through Wyoming on the return journey. 2 pulls

  3. Nice .. I had the pleasure of eating breakfast with Peter @ the SOC this year.
    Since my 99 continually gives me problems.I did the wise thing and bought a ’88 900 turbo (’91 motor)
    Never gonna drive a million. Miles in my SAABs (i average maybe 3k.per year) but nice to know they’ for ever if treated right!

  4. A great story Peter, thanks. You covered a lot of miles- as usual! The Viggen sounds like a lean mean machine and a capable touring car. Must have been fun with out in Oregon. I have only owned combis myself, for the extra room. I’ve been eyeing a Taladega and it may move me into a two-door category at some point.

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