Tuesday Snippets

Snippets. It’s been a while since those were here on SU. I thought it might be worth reviving that to cover some things that are not big enough for a seperate post but worth mentioning and at times to look a bit outside the Saab box.

There is nothing new to report from NEVS and the process of reorganisation, or better, the attempt to exit it. I believe everybody is busy talking to the creditors to get things through, which is a tough thing in itself. It’s not even worth speculating too much with only two more days until the creditors have their say.

Hence we start with a look back in time. Yesterday it has been five years that we celebrated the first (and only) Saab independence day. I can still remember those exciting and emotional days back then. Maybe it’s that time that tied me even further to the brand and keeps me doing what I do. What happened in those past five years, well, we all know that. If you’d like to refresh some memories here’s a small video covering the first year under Spyker.

neo project

On to something more fun – as you might remember site sponsors NeoBrothers are currently working on their new 96 project. It has meanwhile come to a point where you get a rough idea what it will be like. You can follow the updates on their facebook page.

Our last snippet for today brings us to the more external areas of the Saab cosmos. During the bankrupcy of Saab two companies were founded by former employees of Saab Powertrain, LeanNova and Vicura. Last week the state-owned venture capital company Fouriertransform sold 51% of Vicura to Austrian AVL Group, who are none less than the worlds largest independent powertrain development company. In 2008 they already bought the Saab powertrain development division in Södertalje, so they have (re-)combined quite a bit of Saab knowledge. And it is good to see that the former Saab employees managed to be successful enough to attract AVL.

A sidenote that is a bit bitter is that AVL in Södertalje has done major development work on the new Volvo engines. It’s a line up of 4-cylinder diesel and petrol engines that is said to have at least some of the Saab DNA inside. If it only had happened in the right place in Sweden.

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Angelo V.

RE: Independence Day. 1) “DNA” is the building block of life—what you’re born with. For him to say “The DNA has been missing” and then his first new model introduction—-$55,000 and up—-well, that’s about as far from Saab DNA as I could possibly imagine. 2) “Operating as an independent, stand alone car company.” Legally/technically, maybe. But as we found out, they were anything but independent, as General Motors was absolutely still the mothership, whether anyone wanted to believe that or not. Proof? They nixed deals based on them being in complete control The General controlled Saab, no ifs, ands or… Read more »

Doug R.

Ya Angelo you know in reality how short sighted both owners have been including Nevs…. Spyker crashed and burned in less then two years,,, Great CEO’s … extreme undercapitalization. Talk about winging it. Ya and your right The big GM got everything even after the fact. How did that happen?


Nice to see Tuesday Snippets back 🙂


True, and this Independence Day video remembers us to promising times. Hope this will come back….soon.

No 9

Ah yes, reminds me of the old Swade days at Trollhättan SAAB!

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