A First Step for NEVS

Today the district court of Vänersborg made a positive decision regarding NEVS’ request for composition negotiations with their creditors. The meeting of the creditors is scheduled for March 23rd in Vänersborg. More info on the proposal that is discussed then can be found here.

However, the more importand decision about the extension of the reconstruction is still to be made later this week.

46 thoughts on “A First Step for NEVS”

      • Alive …. but for what reasons and benefits ? For all we know at this point, there’ll be no more SAAB-branded cars in the future.

        • Well, if they were truly dead—-there would be virtually no chance of Saab branded cars in the future. As long as there’s still dialogue, there’s at least a fighting chance we’ll see a new Saab in our lifetime.

        • “For all we know”??? Then you know something I do not because the name issue is no problem until SAAB AB or NEVS say it is. For all we KNOW there’s no negotiations about this right now. Maybe it’s already solved. Maybe it will be solved. Maybe it never will be. But we don’t KNOW that right now.

  1. Off topic: the site has been down quite often lately. I would appreciate a post about planned maintenance and such. I always get a bit worried when the site is down without any warning.

  2. They may not have set the automobile manufacturing world on fire, but NEVS has been quite successful when it comes to producing extensions.

    • Weren’t they recently promising to produce 100 more 9-3s? 50 black and 50 silver? 100 black? 100 silver? Special edition “NEVS red?”

      • The report was that they planned to produce100 cars. Someone here suggested that they be high performance versions of the 9-3 with larger brakes, upgraded suspension, seats etc. and chipped for more peak power. It seemed like a good way to end the 9-3’s long life, but if NEVS does produce those 100 cars they will probably have the same old specs. Still, it would be nice to see the 9-3 go out with a bang rather than a wimper.

      • This has been developed using resources from LeanNova and Semcon employing many ex Saab engineers.
        Why do you think the Qoros was the safest car tested by EuroNCAP in 2013? Because the safety team was mainly ex Saab guys.

        There has been talk of other OEM`s using the Saab “Line” for the manufacture of vehicles. My thought is that Qoros could be one of these.

        • Peter95 I read they hired the top 25 to 30 former employees from Saab. The sad thing is, these cars will emulate our beloved brand Saab. Simple truth that many don’t want to face, many companies have Saab tech including GM,, Now Qoros,, the other chinese manufacturer, ,Saab influence everywhere.

          Does SAAB AB realize the value of the Brand as of today has been devalued greatly…. If Mahindra once made a bid curious to know how much SAAB AB required..

          I believe Nevs as part of their business plan wanted to run production on a contract bases for other OEM’s Like I said the next phase for Nevs may have nothing to do with SAAB CARS…. Very possible get out of reconstruction and sell or contract with these guys…. It seems Qoros wants to hit Europe they may want the plant…

          Heck with the top 25-30 guys from SAAB handling the R&D for Qoros it will be SAAB minus the name… Especially if they are made in the plant. To me this seems to be the Chinese OEM mentioned by Nevs.

          Crazy Crazy.

    • And, if the 209900 SEK includes VAT (value added tax?), the US price would be even lower. Maybe Swedish guys know if it includes VAT.

      • Compare that to other $25,000 cars. This is a good deal if you don’t mind how shaky the situation is—-if you don’t care much about resale—-plan to keep it a long time. A really competent car—-a luxury car for 25K?

        • Anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it at that moment. Car or otherwise… it’s 25K for a reason…

          • That’s always the case—-but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a such thing as a “value” or a rip off as the case may be. When the Chrysler PT Cruiser was first introduced, it was selling for thousands OVER sticker because everyone wanted to be the first to have one. Does that mean that a car with a sticker price of $20,000 was actually worth $25,000? Yes, based on your comment (and in truth) it was worth 25K because there were people willing to pay that. So what? In my opinion, it was a car that was probably not even worth the 20K sticker, selling for 25K—-a rip off. But here we have a car that for a lot of very good reasons, is selling for less than comparable cars. I’m not saying I would run out and buy one—-I think the current owner are clowns and that concerns me—-but it’s a lot of car for the money, in my opinion.

            • Angelo; Point taken.
              Respectfully, the sales activity will be the ultimate arbiter of value. Let’s see how the market reacts…will be interesting.

              • Joe: I can’t help thinking…if these were really the last 100 9-3s, wouldn’t there be a commemorative plaque inside or something? 1 of 100, 2 of 100, 59 of 100, and “The Last 9-3 Ever Built?” In the absence of that, I believe we are going to see more of them.

                • Angelo, there’s that great Capitalistic free-market American marketing mind of yours at work again…Alas; by now we should know not give those NEVs clowns so much credit!

  3. My take on Saab,,,, GM used it for tech and a losses under umbrella company,,, Spyker great car salesman but lacked capital and foresight for it… Really a joke… Nevs had no clue what so ever about the car industry,,, Thought they could cash out with a Chiana deal.. Quick money, no real understanding and also way undercapitalized. It backfired big time.

    The post Gm owners were doomed within a years time from inception… Lame isn’t even a good word for it. Not even 101 business forecasting or planing. Like I have said, this is a multi billion dollar venture and not for dreamers and pretenders. Anything less will never work… A Major OEM would be the only chance in my sorry opinion. Just sayin.

    • Doug: I agree with your assessment and there’s plenty of blame to go around. It’s ironic that Sweden, a “collective” society as we’re often told—-didn’t lift a finger to help out—-to maybe save some jobs.

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