Restoration of a Sonett by Saab nuts

Those of you who know the Facebook group Saab Nuts! definitely know that Phil Cymru is one of the biggest Saab nuts around. And that’s a compliment. Phil informed me about a recent Saab project of his, being an amazing restoration of a great looking Saab Sonett. A nice story showing that there is still plenty for us Saab enthusiast to enjoy about Saab while awating a hopefully positive future for the brand.

Enjoy the story and pictures of Phil, his son and the Sonett:

I’ve been having a Sonnet restored in the states, I literally just got a call saying it’s finished! I’ll be flying out to Florida in two weeks to drive it for the first time!

I met Shawn Liegl after I set up Saab Nuts! We became friends, he invited me to visit him in Orlando in September 2013, I met a lot of his friends in the Saab community there, and was introduced to a Sonett for the first time, I decided I had to have one (there are only a handful in the UK). Eventually I found two cars that were destined for the scrap yard, they really were in bad shape, I commissioned Nick Mazzochi (also of Saab Nuts!) to start a nut & bolt restoration. It has taken until now to complete the work, I’m flying my family out to see it in the 18th of March and we will take it to Cape Canaveral to be shipped to Southampton, England.




Enjoy your new Saab, Phil and family!

9 thoughts on “Restoration of a Sonett by Saab nuts”

  1. This is excellent! Well done guys! Too bad there aren’t more Sonett’s kicking about, what a great little piece of Saab history that is all-but forgotten by the public. Any chance of hearing that engine note? Love the V4 sound.

  2. Impressive indeed, a jewel! The Sonett remains unique in the lineage of Scandinavian-sourced cars, with one-of-a-kind looks that could be associated to Italy’s best at the time. Well done.
    On a lighter note, interesting to hear that addiction to SAAB’s is a known medical condition, for which only one remedy is known (buying or restoring a SAAB). My family has long had its doubts about this… -:)

  3. Hey Ward, welcome to theSonett Owners Club! A very exclusive club indeed. Nice job and well donr for choosing an original colour. Orange is def the best

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