SOTW, 9-5 ttid from Niclas

This weeks SOTW is from Niclas in Sweden and is a beautiful NG 9-5.

Hi Robin
Here I have some pics of my new 9-5 Aero ttid. fwd, 6 speed Manual with 62000 km on the clock,
I bought it on Jan 16th of this year and its the best Saab I have ever owned.
Here are some pics but I’m sorry I don’t have any story about it,
I live in Lidköping Sweden.

Best regards Niclas

Niclas’s 9-5 was the last sotw that I have to share with you.
If you would like to see your car presented here one day please send jpeg pictuers and a few words to Martin at [email protected]   and we will happily show your Saab to the other readers of SU.

thank you


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Patrik H

Stunning car. So disappointing Saab didn’t have much chance to sell these in numbers. Oh well, at least we got about 11,000!


NG 9-5 looks a million times better in Aero trim (like this one). This should have been standard for the entire range with the Aero trim becoming even lower.

Patrik H

Agreed. Non-Aeros seem a little…bloated.

Paul Willis

Very nice!

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