I guess this situation is something that all of us had been in at least one time. You are searching for a “new” car, and you search the classifieds after the perfect car. Some of the classifieds sounds too good to be true, as they for example promise you, let us say, a 10 year old car that is “better then new” and so on. In respect for you guys who are selling your 10 year old car, I’m not saying it is a piece of scrap, but to be honest – how may 10 years is mint condition? But in the opposite end of the scale there is the ones that are totally honest, and this time there is a guy that are very honest in a epic ad titled “Saab 9-5 Estate, you will regret it”…


In this classified on the Swedish site “Blocket” a guy try to sell a MY00 9-5 Estate that he had bought for his daughter, but the car has caused trouble since he bought it. On the pictures the car looks quite all-right, but the ad says it has a lot of scratches and dents – but that is maybe not the worst thing. The mileage is about 195 000km, and some of the things that are broken is the turbo, AC, brakes, drive shaft joint, SID and other electrical problems, wheel bearings and so on. To a potential buyer of this car the seller requires that you have good economy, a good mental health and at least a Bachelor degree in wrenches… :p The price he is asking is SEK 9000 (about US$1000), but if you have a fantastic fun statement of reasons, you will get it for free, because he need help to get in better mood! :p After the inspection of the car (in Sweden this has to be done every year), there is obviously things to fix, for after this he updated the ad with the words “now I know what to do the next month”…


But at this point the rescue is near – Orio, the supplier of Saab original parts, has fallen in love with the humor in this ad, and now they had chosen this car as a “project car”. They want to restore this car to as close to original condition as possible – with original parts.
So for the next month this car will be at two workshops, MapTun in Örebro and at a paint- and body-workshop (Högdalens Bil & Skadecenter) and Orio will post updates and videos from the project on their website – http://www.orio.com/stayoriginal/.
Unfortunately the video is only in Swedish, but I guess many of you will understand what’s going on – and maybe Orio add English subs to the next ones?

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  1. So… the company that just laid off 20% of their work force is personally funding a 9-5 Estate build. Seems legit. Ok, I know that’s pessimistic of me, but honestly… when you’re that strapped for cash should you be spending money on pet projects?

    • this is going to cost them next to nothing – and bring a lot of interest from the Saab community. They will MAKE money from this!

  2. Yeah this is a nice bit of PR work by Orio. I can think of another relatively new Swedish company that perhaps should’ve engaged the community like this..!

    Anyway, as the new owner of a rather maligned ’99 9-5 Wagon, this feels very close to home so I’ll be following with jealous interest.

    A sample of my to-do list: • head gasket • all motor mounts • all transmission mounts • gearbox rebuild or swap • subframe bushes • suspension bushes • etc etc..!

    Not to mention the pile of work already done (brakes, alternator, valve cover gaskets, radiator hoses, vacuum lines, MAF & TB cleaning…). But I refuse to let it die. There aren’t many cosmic blue wagons over here, and despite all the flaws it really still feels great to drive!

    If anyone at Orio would like to send a few parts to Australia they will be gratefully received!

  3. Ahh this is great. Kudos Orio, for bringing this one up. As a SAAB nut I always explain every headline SAAB makes in the newspaper. This specific ‘Blocket’ classified was sent to me numerous times a couple of weeks ago. That’s how life is when you work and live in the town of the other swedish car brand. So, Orio, Kudos!

  4. Dan P! You are driving my car! Except mine is silver and it nearly went to the tip just this morning. Your list is my list, and like you I refuse to let it die, mainly because I don’t have serious money to buy anything decent that would be a suitable replacement.
    What State are you in? Vic for me.

    • Currently in TAS which makes things that much harder.. I put a big order in with eEuroparts and now I am waiting for it to arrive. When it does, it’s time to get stuck in. I’ve never done a HG before but I’m willing to have a go! to be fair, I paid $800 for the car and I expected it to be a bit broken. It’s perhaps just a little more buggered than I’d have liked though.. not being able to reverse with any consistency is a bit of a pain!

      If for some reason the patient doesn’t make it I’d have no hesitation in buying another.

      ’99 9-5 Wagon

      BTW, my ’99 9-3 Coupe, on the other hand, is running an absolute dream with 225,000km on it. And I ask a lot more of it with “stage 3” tuning. I’ve left it in NSW for now though, Wagon is on duty in Tassie..

  5. I don’t get this. The guy bought a 15 year old turbo automatic with 200k on the clock for what 2000 dollars and now he is compaining that its breaking down…
    After replacing the parts mentioned it will probably go fine an other decade depending on have the oils been changed regulary or not?
    The Volvo folks can stuff it. The much never V70 in our family hasn’t been that fantastic either.

    • Speaking of Volvo: I need to change my company car in September 2015. Been driving a Skoda Superb Station Wagon since 2011 because I couldn’t get a SAAB anymore. Volvo dealer contacted me and offered V70 Classic model with the specs & price I couldn’t refuse. So in the future I’ll be driving my own SAAB and Volvo. If we go back 3-4 years, I never believed that could’ve been be possible….

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