The next Milestone

Tomorrow Monday March 23 is the next important day in the process of NEVS togged afloat. Tomorrow the creditors will decide if they agree with the plan from NEVS where debts under 500.000 SEK will be payed in full, and the rest will only be paid in half. It is said that NEVS will save with this plan about 300 Million SEK.

Rumours on the Swedish Press say that tomorrow a positive outcome should be expected. But even a positive outcome will not be the light at the end of the tunnel but maybe a big torch to help NEVS find that end of the tunnel.

Notify of

This continues to be interesting.


Debt reduction has been decided by the court, 98% approval rate by the creditors (unknown to me if this was no of companies or value). Also, Mattias Bergström said that the SvD claim that the new main owner (OEM) has withdrawn was wrong (anything else would have been surprising).


YES! The court approves continued reconstruction.


I found this very interesting article on Autocar’s web page, written by an old SAAB’s friend Hilton Holloway: The last part sounds really familiar to me: “I heard an amazing rumour the other day that one Asian mass-maker has an even more audacious plan. This brand, so the story goes, has decided that it could end up mired in the automotive mass-market. It came to the obvious conclusion that it needs to command higher prices, but that it could never shift perceptions of its now well-established badge. It also concluded it needed another brand. But rather than invent one,… Read more »



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