9-3 2.2 BioPower “Griffin” Aero by Emil – part 4

Many of you who have been at any Saab meeting in Sweden during the last couple of years has maybe noticed a good looking carbon grey 9-3 “Griffin” sedan. This 9-3 is special in many ways, the first thing is that the car isn’t that you first thought when you saw it – in fact this is a 2009 9-3 Aero, but it’s completely converted to a 2012 9-3 Griffin optics and interior with something extra. The second thing, and for me the most impressive, is what you maybe don’t notice even through the bonnet is open – the engine. In this car the original 2.0 BioPower engine replaced with a 2.2 litre BioPower engine, and it is the story about the engine we are going to tell here.

This is article number four and the last one in the story about Emils 2.2 “Griffin” Aero. The earlier parts  will you find here; one | two | three


The latest modification Emil has done to his car is to go a little step away from the Griffin-lookalike concept, he have replaced the fog-lights with LED-lights (or DRL lights if you want). Emil thought the standard fog-lights had a much yellower light than the rest of the lights in the front, and to fix this issue Emil started to look around for suitable LED-bulbs. But when Nevs came with their MY14 9-3, which has DRL (Day Running Lights) instead of fog-lights, Emil thought a update to this would be worth a try. From an acquaintance who works at Nevs Emil get the right part-numbers and information about what modifications that was needed to be done. But when Emil ordered the articles he needed at ANA in Trollhättan wasn’t that possible, they was simply not in stock at Orio yet.

emil_drlkitBut in May 2014 at Maptun Meet 2014 in Örebro, things start to go Emils way. For those who was there you maybe remember that Orio had a stand there with two representatives. Emil got a lot of credit for the job with the car, and they discussed a lot about what was changed and updated. To make a long story short, Emil was invited to Orios office in Trollhättan to show them the car, which of course Emil thought was very nice. After a few months they manage to find a time in the calendar, and Emil show the guys at Orio his car. This ended up with that Emil and Orio agreed to discuss different future ideas, but a solution of the DRL was not ready at this point due to Orio didn’t had finished all the agreements with the suppliers.
At the same time Emil worked on the possibility to buy a DRL-kit direct from Nevs, at first this wasn’t quite impossible to do, but later they ended up with a “no” to this. But not long after the no from Nevs, Orio sent Emil a message there they wondered if Emil wanted to help them to try out a thing; how the DRL kit fit the 9-3 Griffin. The parts Emil revived from Orio fit bolt on, except a error for the monitoring of the light. Another issue is the resistance in the DRL, it is much lower then in normal lamps, so with that results in that the DRL is flashing. Emil has fixed that problem with help from a friend that works with vehicle electronics, but as a “blot-on” kit from Orio this is still under testing.

emil_frontseat_rebuildAnother detail that Emil have improved is the front seats. You maybe think “Didn’t Emil change the interior to a Griffin interior”?, and yes you have right. But Emil wasn’t 100% happy, he felt like he was sitting very high up in the new Griffin seats compared to the orignal interior. After a tip he found out that due to different crash-test requirements the chassis on the front seats are different depending on which market they are made for, and the Griffin interior Emil had probably is made for the US-market. But this is a minor detail many had ignored, but you guessed right – not Emil. He called a friend that used to work at Lear Seating in Trollhättan, just with the 9-3’s seats. So what to do? Emil bought two front seats with EU specifications, and Emil and his friend rebuild the Griffin seats to EU-specs with parts from the “new” seats…
And if you ask me, this describes what level the details on this project is on quite well, here is a huge focus on details! And the result after the rebuild of the seats? Emil didn’t notice a big difference, but they felt better!

So what does the future plans look like? Right now Emil is happy, but to reach the 500hp/600Nm goal is a dream he had for a while now. As you remember that goal requires a new turbo, a new manifold, a new exhaust system and a inlet pipe to the turbo. Inside the car Emil wants a discreet sub woofer to that get that deep bass… But this will most likely take while because Emil became father a few mounts ago and the priorities have changed a bit.



We finish this series of articles with a great series of images from our friend Mioh. But Emil has promised me that I will hear from him if (or when?) he develop this project further, so maybe the last part in this series isn’t written yet??? Thanks to Emil for sharing this with us!


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A dream for every Saab fan, but I think it is not cheap. The DRL project must interest many Saab owner. Let us know if that will function. I thought it could work with 35 W LED bulbs and tried but it does’nt work.


Excellent and i love the shots, the car simply looks stunning. Let us know if the LED DRLs ever be available for purchase. Am sure there is plenty of interest in the global 9-3 community.


This is such a stunning Saab, brings a tear to my eye for having to sell mine. I contacted both NEVS and Orio to see if I could upgrade the badges and boot decal, but neither even replied, such a shame, and not great for PR.

Amazing images too

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