It is with huge sadness that we learn today of the passing of our dear friend and true legend Erik Carlsson.

Erik 1

Erik was and will remain a founding father of the success and worldwide awareness of the SAAB brand. His legacy will remain with us and his name synonymous with the word SAAB.

On behalf of the whole SAAB community our deepest condolences go out to his family at this sad time.

RIP ERIK, you will never be forgotten.

29 thoughts on “RIP Mr SAAB.”

  1. About this man and his car I got to know the brand Saab for the first time by reading the sport-informations in the newspapers at he end of the 1960-ies. He was a symbol of the make.

  2. Sad to see him go. 🙁
    Met him several times over the years. Seems ironic that on the same day there is a press release from Nevs regarding possibly good news for the Saab car brand for the future.

  3. I am so sad that I never took advantage of opportunities to meet him. His achievments were one of the reasons I was inspired to buy my first Saab in 1967. RIP Erik.

  4. I am so sad as he was always my hero and I bought my first Saab, a 1996, 96 with the enthusiasm. He will be surely missed, but never forgotten.

  5. R.I.P. Erik.
    You were one of my few heroes.
    As a SAAB fan, I am forever grateful for you spreading the word, even at times upside down.
    A sad day, it is…
    Just saw you eyeing the Monte Carlo on the Saab 96 project on “For the love of cars”.
    Recommended viewing in your memory…

  6. To my friend Erik,
    We are both born in Trollhättan, my memories of the first time we met is a little blurred since it was in 1965 at the Hospital when I was born. As a kid I “bullied” you for having a “BIG Engine” (a little belly). You became one of the very first professional rally drivers in the world parallell with the work You had at Mr. Pelle Nyströms gas station. First You started racing motorcycles that Mr. Nyström imported the brand was Norton, then You had some tough accidents. Then You did some co-driving in his Volvo PV and at that time Saab was starting making the 92 car a 2 stroker 2 cylinder car. First rallying with used cars and parts where “thrown” over the Saab factory fence. Things went well and Eriks rallying career started. Erik you won just about every rally imaginable but You never made world champion. But for us SAAB people You are and will always be the champion for the SAAB car brand. You will always be around us Saab drivers and I recommend the book You wrote with Your wife Pat “Drive a car better”. That knowledge You mention there is always going to be important for all sorts of driving. Erik I bet they have rally special stages in heaven.

  7. Very sad indeed. I had the privilege of meeting Erik in person twice – he was a true gentleman who was happy to talk to anyone.

    RIP, Erik

  8. Our deepest respect for what Erik has done in his life.
    We will miss him but never forget him.
    He was what is called; “a monument”.

  9. Like all who were lucky enough to meet him, he left a great impression on me. Such a gentleman who always had time to talk to everybody, photographs and signing all manner of items (including the roof of a Saab 96). Together with my dad I met him twice. Sadly neither is with us any longer. But I shall treasure the time spent with him, the photograph of him and my dad, and my Saab manual will remain very special, having been signed by Erik.

    Rest in peace Erik ‘Mr Saab’ Carlsson ‘pÃ¥ taket’

  10. I saw him in Nostalgia Festival for some years ago in Ronneby Sweden. He was a judge in “Concours d`Elegance”.(I hope I spelled it right.) Genuin as usual.
    RIP Erik!

  11. RIP Erik………No doubt you will be sitting in Heaven next to the Automotive Greats like Henry Ford, Carrol Shelby, The Dodge Brothers and many many more !!

  12. A sad day indeed, but I rather think of all the good Erik did for the brand we all call family..SAAB. Forever in our hearts Erik, the true Mr SAAB.
    Condolences to his family and to all of SAAB.

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