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This week our SOTW comes from Patrik from Cincinatti Ohio USA. Here is the story of his lovely 93 Sport Saloon…….


Hi Martin—

Pictured here is my 2003 Saab 9-3 2.0T in steel gray metallic.  Although 12 years old, with only 61,000 miles, it feels and looks many years newer.  I never go too long without receiving compliments on the car’s near-mint appearance!
Hornak 1
I have been a Saab fan for my entire life and have owned the car for over three years now, and have made some additions including the 2008-style “ice block” tail lights, silver-painted trunk handle, rear bumper reflectors, a custom Swedish-style license plate, steering wheel buttons with the Aero-style metallic trim, and some custom chrome trim around the dashboard as inspired by the newer 9-3s.
Hornak 2
Overall, it is a very well-equipped 9-3 and includes bi-xenon headlamps, rear parking sensors, power moonroof, front fog lamps, and the 210 hp 2.0T engine.  It is an absolute joy to drive and I plan to add additional Saabs to the fleet in the coming years.
Hornak 3
From Cincinnati, Ohio, USA,
Patrik Hornak
Hornak 4
If you would like to have your car featured as SOTW then please email me some picturea along with a write up and I will feature it.

13 thoughts on “Saab Of The Week”

  1. Your Saab looks great! My 2008 9-3SS has a few more miles at 65,000. I had to look at the tail lights twice.

    You don’t seem to have any problems with obtaining parts . Any secrets to your success?

    • Hi 100%Saab–

      Thanks for the compliments! As for parts, I’ve been lucky. In terms of needed repairs, almost everything I’ve needed has been in stock, locally. Cincinnati benefits from a robust Saab population. As for the accessories, I’ve sourced from eBay, Genuine Saab, and the Parts forum on If you’re okay with paying for international shipping, NeoBrothers in the UK are wizards at parts sourcing. I’ve looked into getting some rare accessories through them.

    • Hi Fredrik
      This car is in the USA so is unlikely to have been registered in Sweden. If you look closely at the first picture you will see its ‘real’ number plate. JPH – my guess is Patrik H’s first name initial is J and this plate is just for fun.

      • Yes of course, I understand that. It is just fun to do a check up against the Swedish vehicle registration database when cars abroad have our Swedish (or Swedish looking) plates.

        In Sweden we need to have license plates both in the front & the rear.

  2. SteveW is correct. JPH = initials and 729 = birthdate. I’m American. This is for pure novelty. But I did follow the Swedish nomenclature of three letters + three numbers 🙂

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