Some of us are bigger collector then others…

Many of my friends that drive a Saab often says to me; “Once you have bought one you have two, and so on”. In may cases this is true, I have during the past 10 years owned 2 Saabs at the same time, one enthusiast-car that I only drive during the summer (actually owned my 900T16 for 13 years now), and different cars as a daily-driver during the years, but only one at the time. OK, I must admit – that is not true, at a period of a few months I actually had two daily drivers, I bought daily-driver #2 from my brother who planed to send it to the scrapyard. So I bought the car and fix it so it passed the inspection, and before I had made any plans for it it was sold to another Saab-nut…

But back to the subject – some of us is bigger collector then the rest of us. Many that I know have 3 or 4 Saabs, and some of them over 10…
But I have my doubt if someone beat this guy – he have 247 of them!
As you will se in the video below many of the cars is in a bad shape, and most likely will many of them never come back on the road, but the collection is pretty impressive. I see many Saab-models, from 93 to a 9-5, but mainly is is 96, 99/90 and classic 900’s. The description on YouTube says “The most significant collections of Classic SAABs on the planet. Located in a secret place somewhere on the planet. He’s collection is built on deep love of SAABs” But if I should guess the collection is located somewhere in Finland, based on some registration plates and the amount of Saab 90 in the film. I have never seen so many Saab 90 in one place before! 😉

The clip is about 13 minutes long, and you will see many common and many uncommon Saabs. My highlights from the first time I saw the clip is there three cars:
– about 3:00, 9000 Limo; Not everyday we see a limo based on a 9000. 5 seats in the rear with a TV in the middle row. Guess that was just as unusual in the 80s that it is today… Maybe built at  Uusikaupunki factory?
– about 4:30, 90 Lumikko; A unusual model based on the Saab 90, built by the Finnish Saab dealer Scan-Auto. The 90 was fitted with a Airflow kit and 15″ Aero wheels, all painted in white and they where equipped with sunroof, better audio-system and extra instruments. A small number Lumikko was made by the dealer, but I don’t know if the one in the film is a genuine Lumikko, because the spoiler on the trunk is black, that should be white.
– about 9:00, 99 Finlandia;  A “limo” version based on 5d 99 GLE, 25cm longer then the regular 99. This is the first year (’77) Finlandina, because of  the car has a middle window between the front and rear door. The cars was built at the Saab factory in Uusikaupunki in Finland. The year after (’78) they made the front and rear door 10cm longer each, so the car was 20cm longer then the regular 99. In ’79 and ’80 the Finlandia was based on the 900, and in ’81 the new 900 CD (based on the sedan) came. In total I think they built around 150 cars from ’77-’81, and about 500 900 CD from ’81-’86.

edit: the YouTube video is unfortunately removed by the user who uploaded it.

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  1. The 9000 limo was build in Uusikaupunki – but not in the factory, but at the R&D center which Valmet built close to the factory.

    Peter Bäckström could have a field day in the yard.

  2. Thats not a collection, it’s a scrapyard! It seems this “collector” only let the cars stand there and rust to death instead of doing any good use of them. It makes me sad to see such a waste of good cars.

  3. It’s indeed impressive that someone has managed to collect this many Saabs. That said—-it would be kind of a shame if some of them are capable/worthy of restoration and they’re being hoarded and rotting further perhaps. I really wish one of the myriad of Saab corporate owners would have reprised that beautiful, classic Saab 96 shape seen in this lead photo—-this could have been to Saab what the Mini is—-a retro styling exercise but still contemporary and useful. Could you imagine if a sweet modernized version of this classic Saab was introduced as a youthful, entry level model—-quirky but practical, full of Swedish charm and iconic style. There it is—-a design that’s just sitting there, waiting to be brought back to life by an owner with vision and intelligence—-but apparently those have been in short supply for Saab.

  4. Wow, with the potential demise of Saab (let’s hope not), there are so many ironies here that it is hard to know where to start. I guess my reaction is that it is very sad to see so many Saabs sitting forlorn and rotting in a forest. I am not sure I would call this a “collection” as much as an assemblage of Saab ghosts in the flesh. There are some cool items there, for sure, but will anyone spend the time and effort to bring them back to life? We should tell Jay Leno about this and see if it will rescue at least one.

  5. This really is an eerie graveyard of our beloved cars through the generations. Also very sad to see such great cars rotting away beyond any hope of ever being rescued. How many of us watching this film just want to get stuck in to see what can be saved and made into beautiful full working cars again? There sure are some rare cars there just screaming out to have new life breathed into them. As fascinating as this film is it is also tinged with great sadness and very deep nostalgia. Thank you for bringing it to us……..I think!!

  6. Whilst that video is amazing and I have a great deal of respect for the owner of these vehicles I find it a little sad that there are so many SAABs just sat there, doing nothing except rusting away or gathering dust; perhaps some of them could be re-built, possibly by cannibalising a few cars to repair many!

    I wonder if the collection could be sold (I know it would then cease to be a collection) for refurbishment to people within the SAAB community who would take great care of them and restore them to road worthiness so that they could perhaps grace the towns and country roads of Europe once again.

    I know that if I had the space and there was one or two in right-hand drive I’d love to make one perfect again and I’m sure that there must be many more people out there who feel the same way, a little project for the weekend!

    What ever happens to them I’d like to thank you for sharing the video…

  7. Yet another really sad and utterly upsetting story this time from Finland
    We have seen it before a “hoarder” gathers tons of cars and refuses to renovate them or to sell them to people interested in taking care of a specimen. I have see similar “hoardings” in Sweden, Holland, USA and Canada. In my world of cars and psychology my diagnose is a anal personality disorder, when someone just collects things and refuse to let go of the stuff. Most of these guys (they are almost 100% men when it is hoarding of cars)
    The cars in “junkyards” like this an environmental hazard to the biotope. That cars should be scrapped and a hazmat team be brought in and have the top soil cleaned. Bet this will not happen as long as the owner is still alive. Then it will happen for sure.
    Guess a handful of the cars could have been saved by someone with the resources that this owner apparently does not possess.

  8. Tags for this post should be Graveyard only. To rise this pile of cars to collector status is not fair against all people collecting and renovating old Saab. Hoarding a junkyard is NOT a collection.

    • Trued;
      Video has been removed by owner, but based on what you telling us, you are correct. The current record holder in the U.S. for Triumphs also is a hoarder. I think he has about 110, only 2 or 3 of them actually run. He is somewhere around St Louis. This tends to be a problem with older classic car collectors. I worry about becoming like this myself. I currently have 4 Saabs myself and I’m looking for a 5th, all running and legal however.

  9. I had made a comment on here, it’s nice to see it got moderated out of existence. Apparently we only want a certain type of Saab fan commenting here.

    • All comments are moderated now so it might take some time before they show up on the site. But so far I cant see that any comment has been removed, there was no comment of yours on this post in the trash or spam. Are you sure it was sent properly, can I trouble you to send it again?

  10. So it seems that the video is gone, does anybody have a copy to replace that which has been lost? Also I’m sure it would have been abundantly clear where the cars are if the video were still up… But where are they?

  11. Speaking of collecting, it might be cheaper for me to buy a parts car and store it in my back yard, then to pay the going rate for dealer parts. I brought my 2004 9-5 in for an oil change on Friday—-and to have them put in a new head lamp bulb because the high beam light on my passenger side head light wasn’t working, and inspection is coming up soon. Well, they told me it wasn’t as simple as a bulb—it was a relay—-the PART (just the part, not labor) was around $160.00 U.S. A hundred and sixty dollars for a relay? Seriously? I don’t even drive that car at night often—-but it needs the high beam to pass inspection, so I had to pay. How ridiculous. Is this happening to people with a 2004 Chevy or Toyota? Or is only Saab saps who get exploited because for all intents and purposes, the company is out of business now? So maybe I need to put another 2004 Saab wagon in my yard too—and raid it for parts as needed. They’re available really cheap at this point.

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