Italian Convertible Sunday

(From our friend Talija, translated by my wife, comes a report from a recent club meeting)

Last Sunday in Italy (Friuli district) an annual gathering of 900 OG convertibles took place.

This year only six beauties turned up. At last year’s meeting more than 20 retro convertibles attended. All belong to longtime owners who know each other.

Organizers of the meeting of the club were SAAB 900 CABRIO AMATORI TRIVENETO.

We discussed food (an important topic for a conversation in Italy), the destiny of Saab and how sad that the glory days of the great brand rests in the past. And how great, that these Swedish convertibles were made in Uusikaupunki, Finland. 🙂

Passing cars saluted us with a solid blast of their horn – their passengers all waves and smiles.

Next meeting of the SAAB 900 CABRIO AMATORI TRIVENETO (Italy) club is scheduled for September. Region Veneto. (Venice)

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I see my fellow had a great time down there. I wish I could join you guys with my pumpkin next year !


An exceptional occasion, with impeccable cabrios..! It was great to watch – thanks for sharing!

Paul Willis

Very cool. I have a 1991 MCY convert like the one in one of the pics, so that is always fun to see (and rare nowadays).

Martin T16s

Well done Talija, great pictures and thank you for making this great story available to us via Rune.


What a fun, what an organization; thanks for the story and the pictures.

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