My pictures from Saabfestival 2015

festival15_bannerIt is now almost a week ago the great festival weekend in Trollhättan, and what a weekend! Many great cars and people as usual, the only thing that could be better is if  the festival could be for a few more days…. 😉

As usual I had a plan to take many photos, and this time was no exception, but things have a tend to go wrong. This time was no exception, there was too many people to talk with or cars to look at so I simply forgot to take so many pictures that I have planed… 😉 This year the cars was sorted by model, the organizers had plans to place 800 exhibition cars inside the area, an I think they reached that number of cars, in the morning there was pretty full at the parking. There was also a lot of cars outside the exhibition area, so there was many Saab-fans at the museum-area this Sunday! At Friday the highlights was the parts outlet at Bildelslagret Trollhättan (former ANA Used Parts dept.) and the seminars at the museum. Nevs also have a open day on Friday, that was pretty interesting and well visited. At Saturday there was a day at the Kinnekulle race track, but the weather was rather bay that day, so many people that not had plans to take the car out on the track spent the day in Trollhättan at the museum-area, and some people (like me) took a trip to a smaller scrapyard a few miles outside Trollhättan before returning to the museum.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the weekend. I’m sorry that I not have posted them earlier this week, but I was not at home before 04.30 Monday morning, and straight on to 4 days travelling at work after a few hours sleep…
But here they are, hope you will enjoy them, and thanks you all for a great weekend – a special thank to the organizers that make this happening possible! =)

13 thoughts on “My pictures from Saabfestival 2015”

  1. Thanks for the great photos!
    I am curious about the seat in No. 283. Was that a Saab competition seat or was it made special to fit Erik Carlsson?

    • Glad you like them!

      From what I know was that seat introduced as standard in the 93 750 GT, and Erik was used as “test-dummy” for those seats. If that’s true I don’t know, but it is a good story! 🙂

  2. Did anyone attend the seminar “From sketch to complete product” held by NEVS? It would be interesting to hear something about it.

    • Tnx, it sure was!
      94 (or Sonett if you want) is a very rare car, only 6 cars was produced. Car #1 and #5 is located at Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan, #4 is in Switzerland, #2 and #6 is located in the US and finally #3 that also is located in Trollhättan.

  3. great photos! but i am wondering, is it so hard to make a gallery view or slideshow for so many pictures? it is so common feature on most internet sites. 🙂

    • Tnx!
      This is actually a gallery view, but a slideshow in addition is a good idea for the future. The reason I present the pictures like this is that you get a overview and can click to enlarge those pictures that look interesting. But I also realize the fact there is someone (like you Uldis) that would like to see all the pictures in a larger format… 😉

      • Hi Trond-Arve! Overview is actually perfect, but i meant, when you click on any image and it opens in larger format, there is no arrow on left or right side of picture on wich you can click and open next or previous image.
        Sorry for my bad english 🙂

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